How To Create A Kick-Ass About Me Page for Writers and Authors

How To Create A Kick-Ass About Me Page for Writers And Authors

I’ve just updated my “About Me” page. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Before today my about me page was weak, uninformed and boring. I knew I needed to update it, jazz it up and really portray who I was as a writer. The questions was,

“How can I create an “About Me” page without seeming like I am selling myself?”

After scouring the internet, reading article after article on the subject, this is what I’ve come up with:

Be yourself! 

Oh and these following 6 tips:

  1. Include information about yourself, your writing, and what your webpage is about
  2. Let your readers know what to expect from you and your website
  3. Include links. Some people are lazy and don’t want to take the time to go through all your menu options.To get around that talk about key facts and include links to key pages in your website and your social media platforms.
  4. Add a friendly and engaging photo of yourself. Readers can connect better with someone when they know what you look like up front.
  5. Think about adding something unusual to your “About Me” Page like a personal video greeting, a word poster describing yourself, a photo slideshow of your work and/or life, etc…
  6. A Call-To-Action where you ask them to contact you, sign up for your newsletter, join your blog email list, etc…

The most important thing to remember is that your “About Me” page isn’t a place to sell yourself or boast about your accomplishments. It’s a place where you get to connect with each and every reader who visits your website. Let them in, open up to them. If they have a sense that they are really getting to know an actual person they will be more likely to become loyal followers and readers.

Here’s a tip if you are still stuck.

Stalk your favorite writers and authors websites and check out their “About Me” pages.

Make a list of things you like about each one and decide which items would work for you and your “About Me” page.

Do you have an “About Me” page?

If so, do you think it’s kick-ass?

What “About Me” page features have you seen that you absolutely love?

About Darla G. Denton, Writer

I am a Contemporary Romance Writer for Curvy women and the men who love them.
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13 Responses to How To Create A Kick-Ass About Me Page for Writers and Authors

  1. winterbayne says:

    Are you following my weekly homework lists 😉


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  4. You’re “about me” has helped me decide what to write for mine for a month now, I have read tips, tutorials, and advice that hasn’t worked for me, starting a blog knowing how important your about me page is has scared me knowing it could make me or break me, thank you so much for your advice!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Matt Randles says:

    Great post. You inspired me to give my About Me page a complete overhaul. “Weak, uninformed and boring”? Uhhhhh… guilty as charged! I’m still developing my blog, and it’s a bit of trick since it’s both about my novel writing as well as living overseas–which are two very different things. Thanks for posting some great ideas here.

    Liked by 1 person

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