5 Tips For Promoting Unpublished Works on Your Author Website

5 Tips For Promoting Unpublished Works on Your Author Website

How can a writer promote their work on their author website when they have yet to be published?

We know that author websites are the key to building a reader base and staying connected to them through behind the scenes information on the books you’ve written and up-to-date information of scheduled events and book launches.

How do you build a reader base when there is nothing to promote?

You promote your ideas!

Check out these following tips:

  1. On the home page in the header section display a virtual book shelf of your finished works. You can do this by creating a digital book cover on your own for each story and use it as a visual representation of your work until it’s published and a professional book cover is made.
  2. In the side bar of your website have counters that count down to upcoming finished pieces of work or online appearances (guest blogging, podcasts, videos that promote your work). You can also include images of your finished works (your self-made book covers) with links that direct the reader to the page with all the book details.
  3. On the home page of your website have a customized menu present right at the top. On the menu, place a page specifically for your writing. (ex: My Writing)
  4. On the page dedicated to your writing, list in the body all your finished works waiting to be published, all your work in progresses, and any works you’ve done for contests that you can share. Include under each title a quick description (ex: Full Length Novel, Short Stories, the genre they fall under, etc…) and a highlighted button that readers will click to learn more about it. (ex: Read More)
  5. With each titles link send the reader to another page specifically for that piece of writing. On that page include things like a book blurb or summary, an excerpt, character lists/descriptions, a musical soundtrack, etc…

Just remember that your website exists to promote your work.

If you don’t have your work displayed as much as you can in as many ways as you can your missing out on future readers.

Don’t let the excuse of being unpublished stand in your way.

Promote your ideas, give examples of your writing, and connect with readers as soon as you can to have a better chance at success when it’s book launch time!

Have you started promoting your unpublished writing?

What are some of the methods you like to use?


Published by Darla G. Denton, Writer

I am a Contemporary Romance Writer for Curvy women and the men who love them.

4 thoughts on “5 Tips For Promoting Unpublished Works on Your Author Website

  1. Thanks for the great info! I’m afraid I’ve not used my Website to full advantage. I’m going to incorporate your ideas on my web page. Today is writing day, so will work on web page tonight. Good luck with sales!


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