Book Marketing Timeline

Today I wanted to share an infographic I found on Pinterest that breaks down a Book Marketing Timeline.

The infographic coincides with the article “Why A Book Marketing Timeline Is Important” by Stefanie Newell on TheWriteOneBlog.

In the article they have included a great video titled “What They Don’t Tell You About Successful Product Launches” by Darren Rowse that is definetly worth listening to.


Book Marketing Infographic


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17 thoughts on “Book Marketing Timeline

      1. Honestly, I don’t know the answer to that. I know that I have had comments from readers to the effect that they like the fact that they don’t have to wait 6 months for more books. I suppose I could finish a book and wait 12 months to release it, but it seems a little mean to the readers. Fairly soon I’ll be writing full time so I may be able to get enough ahead that I can actually delay release more after I’ve got the final draft. I think a year is a little excessive, however.

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      2. I’ve heard that too and being a reader I know it sucks to have to wait a year. I don’t think its beneficial to sit on a book for a year unless you have a very large readership and your book is highly anticipated. I think it’s more about taking that year (or how ever long you need) while you are writing the story to plan out how best to let your readers know about it and how to gain new readers in the process. Nothing sucks more then taking however long to write a book and then fail to prepare a good marketing plan to get it out there.


      3. I’ve never been good with marketing. I need to do something about that for an upcoming audiobook and it does, in fact, scare me more than a little. I still believe, however, that the most important thing you can have on your side in a publication campaign is luck.

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  1. I think there’s a task missing:

    At 1-3 months double check you have actually written the book and not forgotten to do so because of all the marketing distractions. It is possible if you’re absent minded.


    ps If the author is doing all that and not wanting to duplicate what the publisher is doing. . . what is the publisher actually doing?

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