Plus Size Women in Art

Plus Size Women in Art

The plus size female body is a hot topic lately.

There is a heated debate on whether it’s something to be accepted, shunned, or even revered.

There is also discussions on whether you can be fat and healthy, fat and successful or dare I say it, fat and happy.

Though the level of discussion on the topic is new, the discussion itself is not.

Since the human race has started creating art out of what they see there has been talk about the ideal size and shape of our bodies and what those shapes say about our health, happiness and our status in society

Of course, that way of thinking went rampant when print and video media became mainstream and the opinion of a few key sources became fact in the minds of the masses.

However, that’s not what this article is about.

Today I want to focus on the female body as art. Specifically, the plus size female body.

Art is subjective.

What one person considers art another person might consider trash.

The purpose of art is to evoke a response from the viewers, any response.

The artist sets out creating his or her collection in hopes that you will see what they see, that you will understand the message they are trying to convey.

It doesn’t always work that way but not matter what, you will always walk away with an opinion of it.

I’ve searched the internet to find current artful images of the plus size female form and I feel I’ve gathered some really great examples.

As you look over these art pieces I would like to ask one thing of you:

Try not to look at the pieces and fixate on the flaws that you see, or whether or not this person is healthy, or whether or not you are sexually attracted to this image or how or why someone else might be.

Just look at the images below and think about the subject in the photo as an actual person.

  • Why did she pose for this artist?
  • How does she feel about her body?
  • How do you think others treat her because of the size and shape of her body?
  • What do you think she gained from taking part in this?

Now, turn those thoughts back onto yourself.

  • If you saw a naked picture of yourself would you focus on the flaws that you see or would you take the time to really look at your body?
  • Would you even be comfortable posing nude for a photographer, sculptor or painter? Why or why not?
  • When you look at a plus size body do you only think negative thoughts? If so why?
  • If you had the courage to pose nude for an artist what do you think you would gain from the experience?

If you feel yourself leaning towards negative thoughts about the images below, ask yourself the following:

  • What is it exactly about this image that brings up negative thoughts in your mind?
  • What are those negative thoughts specifically?
  • Do you look at the images below and think “They cant be healthy or comfortable in their body. Therefore they can’t be happy. Therefore this body is negative.”? Why do you assume that?
  • Do you fixate on the nakedness and think fetish or pornography? Why?
  • Can you see a plus size body as just a body and not dwell on negative things you’ve been taught about it?

Let’s take this a step further and ask ourselves:

Are we responding the way we are from personal experience or from what we’ve learned through social media?

Warning: The following photos, videos and sculptures will contain various forms of nudity.

Adipositivity Project by Substantia Jones

“Chubby Women” by Xu Hong Fei 

Curves a photography book by Victoria Janashvili

Full Beauty Project by Yossi Loloi

Nothing To Loose by Force Majeure with artistic director Kate Champion

The Expose Project by Liora K

 “At the end of the day though, what I really wanted the women to get out of our time (how ever brief) together was that they were IMPORTANT.  That their bodies deserved to be seen, that what they perceive as faults are simply THEM, and are neither right nor wrong.  That showing their bodies won’t innately cause them harm.  That their breasts won’t cause damage to those around them, or their bellies or thighs either.  That their nudity, while making them vulnerable, does not make them at fault.  And that lastly, their bodies are their vehicles through life, and to treat them with kindness.  I hope that came across.” Taken from Liora K’s Blog 

The Full Body Project by Leonard Nimoy

The Point Isn't To Find Fault in Imperfection but to find the beauty within it


  • How did the images in this article make you feel?Let's Chat Graphic
  • How did the questions in this article make you feel?
  • Do you consider the naked body, no matter the size, a form of art?

Published by Darla G. Denton, Writer

I am a Contemporary Romance Writer for Curvy women and the men who love them.

2 thoughts on “Plus Size Women in Art

  1. Thank you, Darla, for saying all of this in just the right way. I’ve never thought about this topic from the models’ points of view (at least, not so critically) before this post. I think you had me when you asked how I would feel posing for these cameras.

    Mostly, I see these videos as a modern average (of sorts) through a classical lens – like the greeks and the renaissance painters before us, we revere nudity, in certain contexts. There is something so perfect, so perfectly vulnerable about the unclothed human form, something that implies a kind of (unlimited? unknowable?) potential.

    Will these videos and these questions change my views on what’s healthy? My definition of healthy includes longer life, and the statistics remain unchanged, so no. Will this change my viewpoint on what it means to be human? Absolutely, even if only slightly. So thank you, Darla, thank you for sharing this.


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