30 Curvy Body Acceptance Websites That Will Help Build Confidence

30 Curvy Body Acceptance Websites That Will Help Build Confidence

Being fat has always been a lonely, negative feeling.

Even when you are around other fat people, when you’re in a negative frame of mine, you see yourself as being the only sufferer.

Life seems unfair, you feel like your unlovable and things can get very dark and depressing.

Everywhere you turn you see, hear or read something that says you are worthless, you are lazy, you are undesirable, you are not worth it.

For some reason when in the presence of someone else who is fat we don’t seek acceptance from each other or understanding. We sit back and compare our body to theirs in hopes that they are worse off. I don’t know why this happens.

It’s sad really, because it takes a lot for a fat person to socialize out in public for fear of being ridiculed and shamed.

It wasn’t until the ease of internet access and chat rooms that gave us the opportunity to socialize through our computers. To compare our despair and negative thoughts towards ourselves under the protective blanket anonymity.

However, with the invention of chat rooms came trolls who entered to live out a fetish of theirs.

As time went on, blogging and forums became the norm and we started to feel more connected to each other.

It was a safer environment to express how we truly felt and a magical thing happened. We found support and encouragement within each other.

Strong friendships were made and many people were able to turn their lives of despair into lives of hope.

Then, of course,  the trolls came again trolling onto open forums and websites spewing hatred and bigotry for fun. There are even whole websites dedicated to fat shaming like we don’t get enough of that through everyday media. 

You would think after being repeatedly attacked in real life and online that we fat people would just shrink into the shadows again never to come out. But that didn’t happen.

No, something absolutely amazing  happened! The strongest and loudest of us stood up and declared “Enough is Enough” and proudly faced the trolls of the internet, media and in real life, letting them know we are done taking the abuse. 

They showed them that we will not live in shame just because our bodies do not fit the size society thinks we should be.

A body, no matter how big or small, is a wonderful thing and we are finally starting to spread the message:

Find a way to accept your body the way it is, the love for yourself will soon follow.

When you love yourself, incredible things can happen:

  • It will no longer matter what other people think or say.
  • Instead of being insecure and hating yourself for it, you will stand confident in your body and your worth.

Happiness isn’t achieved when you finally attain that “perfect size” it’s achieved when you finally accept who you are and fully embrace it, fat and all.

Don’t isolate yourself from the friendship and support that is out there because you are afraid of being judged or ridiculed.

Stand strong, let the world know you exist and that it is OK.

Look for communities to join, blogs to follow and forums to participate in. 

It’s incredibly important to not only connect out in the real world but online as well.

Today, I am going to share 30 blogs/websites that I’m currently enjoying that bring me confidence and courage to love my curves.


The Curvy Fashionista 
Determined to show the fashion world and fellow plus size women that we CAN don the latest and greatest of trends, fashions and styles, The Curvy Fashionista delivers the goods to fashion your curves covering the latest in fashion, news, trends, interviews, tips, entertainment, and the Plus-Size community.

The Militant Baker
I strive to provide a place in the blogosphere that offers fresh and colorful perspective on what is presented as normal to those immersed in our gender bent, body loathing society. I love that the internet is an open forum and the only media that doesn’t have a universal one-sided skew. You have to sift through a lot of shit on the internet, but you can also find gems. I hope this is a gem for you.

Brittany Herself: Curvy Girl Guide
Brittany, Herself features fashion, brutally raw body talk, food and embedded tumblr.
The site has a blog, a community, a google talk show, and spin offs from her husband.

Curvy Yoga
a training & inspiration portal for yoga students and teachers of all shapes and sizes who want a body positive practice that supports them in exploring what body acceptance means to them.

Girl With Curves 
A Tumblr blog that is a top source of style inspiration for curvy women worldwide. With a passion to make women feel confident and beautiful, Awasthi is a style influencer on a mission, and a leader in the body confidence movement.

Our Bodies Our Selves
Our Bodies Ourselves (OBOS) is a nonprofit, public interest organization that develops and promotes evidence-based information on girls’ and women’s reproductive health and sexuality.
This is an organizations website that also offers a blog

Fierce Freethinking Fatties 
Fierce, Freethinking Fatties covers the issues surrounding obesity, including society’s treatment of fat people, Health at Every Size, the myths of long-term weight loss, and weight discrimination. We invite vigorous dissent, but have a zero tolerance policy toward assholes looking to spew hatred and ignorance.

Garnerstyle: The Curvy Girl Guide
A Fashion Blog for plus size women fun by a plus size fashion stylist.

Curves and Chaos 
Curves and Chaos™ is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog for the CURVY (plus size) woman. She is glamorous, fabulous, foxy, confident, and more.

Dances With Fat
A blog about dancing at any size, size acceptance and health at ever size.

Plus Size Princess 
Hi, my name is CeCe and I chronicle my adventures as a Plus Size Princess in New York City on this site! Click around to find my favorite plus size fashion styles, plus size shopping sites… and of course I love to talk about plus size dating so you can find lots of dating stories here too.

Body Love Wellness 
The websites aim is to empower plus sized women to live their best, most joyful lives, free of stress and shame over what they eat and what they weigh.

Curvy Girl Chic 
Curvy Girl Chic is a plus size fashion blog full of outfit posts, product reviews, trend and shopping spotlights, and discourse on current events in the fashion community.
A professionaly photographed fashion blog .

Arched Eyebrow 
The blog talk about plus-size fashion and take a body-positive engagement with the fat form.

Busty Girl Comics 
300 comics about the perks & problems of having boobs. Always body-positive and never more revealing than a bikini.

Curvy Wordy 
a plus size fashion and lingerie blog. One woman’s quest to find lingerie and stylish clothing to suit her extremely voluptuous hourglass figure.

The Fat Nutritionist 
I educate people about healthy eating. I’m not here to give you a stern talking-to about your weight, or your eating habits, or your lack of exercise. I can help you get to a friendly place with food and your body.

The Curvy and Curly Closet
Through this blog, I share my journey through fashion as a plus size woman living in Paris and travelling between Africa, Europe and the United-States.

Pretty Plus Size 
This is a Pretty Plus Size blog about curvy, thick, voloptuous, full figured, fat, etc.

The Fat and Skinny on Fashion 
This blog was founded as a hobby to showcase photography, music, fashion news, and art from the perspective of a plus size fashion journalism graduate student.

Grown and Curvy Woman 
Where style has no age or size. A curvy woman seeking to show other plus size divas that WE too have style and DO NOT need to compromise our integrity to look good
A blog where she regularly posts fashionable outfits for plus sized women and tells you where to buy the pieces.

Curvy is the New Black 
I’m Karla Soltero a full figured lady trying to fit in a petite world. Born in El Paso,Tx raised in Cd. Juarez, Chih. MX English isn’t my first language. Es Español.
She posts pictures through instagram, shares outfit ideas and songs that she likes.

Operation Beautiful 
The mission of Operation Beautiful is to post anonymous notes in public places for other people to find. The point is that WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL. You are enough… just the way you are!

Adios Barbie 
Adios, Barbie: The One Stop Body Image Shop for Identity Issues including Size, Race, Media, and More!
They blog about activism, aging, body image, disabilities, eating disorders, gender roles, LGBTQ, the media, race & culture, sexuality and size.

A community group blog that is a diverse fat-positive, anti-racist, disabled-friendly, multi-gendered, queer-flavored, politically-engaged community, open to everyone

Hems For Her 
A plus size fashion blog whith funy stories and talk about the real life.

Extra Large As Life 
A place to share my love of fashion and my belief of being plus size positive.

Curvy Ceo 
The Life and style guide for the plus-size profressional woman. Curvy CEO is your portal for fashion, style, and beauty advice with tips for professional and personal development sprinkled in for good measure. Bubbling over with humor and wit, Curvy CEO will help the plus-sized career gal bust through that glass ceiling and look effortlessly fabulous at the same time.
The site offers a blog, a list of curvy shops, events, links, products, styling services and tips and tricks.

Fat Chic 
Fat Chic focuses on plus size fashion – starting with what’s available on the market right now. After the clothing, it’s about plus size women – especially women creating, performing, engaging or just plain being awesome. Whether it’s a plus size athlete or a fat positive activist, these women are what makes Fat Chic what it is.

Fat Heffalump 
My name is Kath and I’m a fat activist. I talk about life as a fat person and work towards obtaining the basic human right for fat people to live their lives in peace, dignity and with respect, without fear of vilification, ridicule or discrimination. This space is a fat positive space. Fat hate and shaming will not be tolerated. Proselytising of diets or weight loss is not welcome.


Published by Darla G. Denton, Writer

I am a Contemporary Romance Writer for Curvy women and the men who love them.

22 thoughts on “30 Curvy Body Acceptance Websites That Will Help Build Confidence

  1. I am excited to go to these websites when I was young I was curvy but thin now menopause open heart surgery knee surgeries and weight gain I don’t feel good about me I was never critical of anyone who was a little bit bigger my sister is but she is gorgeous looking my mom was the same way and grandma. But in today’s world cause I can’t workout like I use to and my disabilities I don’t feel so beautiful I want that confidence back I had it when I was thin and when I started to gain weight I still felt good good but people close to me have hurt me by what they have said I need to be me again love me for me or have a nice day bye thank u

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Paula 🙂 Thank you for sharing your story. Definitely browse these great websites. Also, in almost every one of them you will find a page dedicated to other like-minded pages. Take some time to check out those as well. The internet has a lot to offer in regards to body confidence. However, not every page/person will inspire you so don’t get discouraged if you don’t connect with someone right away. Learning to love your body for how it is instead of how you wish it to be is a long process but hang in there, it’s worth it!


  2. Thanks for all the recommendations! It’s really awesome to see all the blogs and websites that are focusing on body positivity. I just wanted add that there’s an organization called About-Face that also wants to spread the message about body positivity and body diversity. They have used various types social media to show people how unique and diverse a person is and that they should celebrate that! Check them out here: http://www.about-face.org/

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