The Ultimate List of Romance Blogs on WordPress

The Ultimate List of WordPress Romance Blogs

I love connecting with fellow authors, writers, readers, and industry leaders in my genre. I’ve learned so much from those I have found, that I’m always on the look out for more people to connect with.

If you are new to WordPress you might be wondering;

How do I find the blogs I’m interested in?

WordPress’s home page “Reader” gives us the ability to enter in key words (tags) and explore the blogs that use them. This feature is located on the right hand side of the screen. Once you enter in your keyword or phrase and hit “Explore” WordPress will bring up blogs that have what you are looking for. Once the page loads, there will be a plethora of blogs to peruse.

Each blog will be in it’s own little box with it’s most current posted article showing. You can choose to click “follow” at the top of each blog box and move to the next potential blog or you can dive deeper and see if it’s what you’re really looking for. When you click the title of the blog next to the blog picture in the top left hand corner it will take you to a page that will show you all their recent posts. At the top of this page WordPress lists how many followers that blog has. Some people choose to only follow blogs that have a high number of followers. I’ve found that more often then naught, it’s the blogs with a small following that tend to post more often and about topics other then the selling and marketing of their books.

Though WordPress has made it possible to sift through all the blogs in their database so you can find ones that have what you are interested in, I found it to be tedious and sometimes confusing. For instance, I would find a blog that had the keywords I wanted and many followers but it ended up being all about marketing or a blog that rarely posted.

So, I gave up on that method and turned to Google. I typed in “Romance Blogs on WordPress” and got some hits but again, it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. I started to wonder,

“Why is there not a list of current, fun romance blogs?”

There has to be one or two somewhere but it wasn’t coming up in the first 10 pages of my search and I rarely ever go past that. So, I decided to make a running list of romance blogs that I enjoy. Whenever I find a new one I just add it to the list.

What is the criteria the blogs have to meet to go on my list?

(1) For this list it must be a blog about Romance: A Romance Writer or AuthorΒ (2) The blog must be current with an article posted at least once a month but preferably once a week. And (3) The blog must not have a ton of posts that sell or market their book or someone else’s.

Why focus on WordPress blogs?

Because I’m on it often and each time a blog that I follow posts something new I can see it on my “reader” screen instead of checking my email box. Also, the mobile app for WordPress is pretty handy to keep up with everyone’s posts while away from the computer.Β 

After a few months I realized that there has to be more people out there who are looking for an easy list to refer to (Like I was). So, I decided to post what I’ve found so far and to update it on a monthly basis.

Whether or not you like a blog is totally up to your personal preference. However, I hope you have fun checking out the blogs on this list and that it helps point you in the right direction.

The Ultimate List of Romance Blogs on WordPress

  1. Alison Stanley
  2. Daisy BanksΒ 
  3. Sarah Daltry
  4. Eight Ladies Writing
  5. Hardworking Heroes
  6. Helena Fairfax
  7. Jill James
  8. Kristen James
  9. Rachael Johns
  10. Justine Covington
  11. Kait Nolan
  12. Dani Jace
  13. Kay Keppler
  14. Liz Everly
  15. Love Is The Best Medicine
  16. Ann McGinnis
  17. Paranormal & Romance
  18. Redneck Romance Writer
  19. Romance Isn’t Dead
  20. Ruth Roberts
  21. Sarah Louise Smith
  22. Delancey Stewart
  23. Skye Turner
  24. Susan Macatee
  25. The Adventures of a First Time Writer
  26. The Romaniacs
  27. The Words and Madness of Chloe Stowe
  28. The Writer Romantics
  29. There’s a Bee in my Bodice
  30. Trashy’s Treasures

Do you have a blog that you think should be on this list? Let me know about you. Like I said, I love meeting and connecting with new people.

Do you have a favorite blog you’d like to share? Don’t hesitate! Tell us about it in the comment section.

*Remember to check back monthly for any new updates to this list*
Stay tuned for:

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15 thoughts on “The Ultimate List of Romance Blogs on WordPress

    1. You were suppose to be on my list… I wonder if i started following you after i last updated the list… Hmm. No worries. You’ll be on there soon. If you have any other romance blogs you want to share leave me the info πŸ™‚


      1. I think there are others. I’ll be back as I come across them. You can decide if they belong on your list.


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