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Picture found on Blog

I decided to take Feb14-17 off from the blog, the book, and social media because (1) My husband asked me to (it was his Valentines Gift request) and (2) It was my birthday on Monday (Feb. 17). By the time Tuesday rolled around I was partied out and way behind on EVERYTHING (housework, mom duties, wife duties, book and blog duties, etc…) It turns out when you step away from your daily “To-Do’s” to celebrate your love and your life, you end up regretting it due to the avalanche of work that awaits your return!

So, in an attempt to catch back up, I am going to take this week and next week to amass an insanely large pile of interesting and well researched blog posts so that I can have a good block of time devoted to revising my first draft (which is currently being neglected).

I will have regularly scheduled posts again starting Monday March 3, 2014 (Don’t forget new articles will post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday). In the meantime, if you want to chat or have a question don’t be a stranger….I’d most likely appreciate the distraction 😉 You can comment on my blog (I get WordPress alerts on my phone), send me an email through my contacts page or you can find me on Twitter.

Upcoming Blog Posts:

    • Active WordPress Blogs of Romance Authors/Writers, Editors, Publishers, Agents, Writer’s Resources and Book Lovers
    • Writing with the Help of Instrumental/Movie Soundtracks
    • Book Reviews
    • Itunes and Android Apps For Writers
    • GoodReads: The Ins and Outs
    • Resources and Tools for Revision and Editing



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I am a Contemporary Romance Writer for Curvy women and the men who love them.

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