Join The Club: Facebook Groups for Romance Readers

53 Facebook Groups for Romance Readers

Have you ever wished you could find a group of people who loved the kind of romance books you do? Someone to talk with and share your favorite romance reads or learn about new ones?

For some, there are book clubs where you are obligated to read a specific book each month, sit in a room together and listen to people discuss what they got from said book.  But if you’re the type of person who doesn’t enjoy required reading or socializing in public then this is not an option for you.

Fear not, there is an alternative; Facebook Groups.

If you are on Facebook, finding a romance community that fits your reading tastes is as easy as using the search feature and clicking “join” on the group page. The hard part is knowing how to word your search so that Facebook brings up relevant group pages.

Guess what, I’ve done the work for you. (You’re Welcome)

Below are 53 Facebook Groups that are dedicated to Romance readers.

I tried to find a group for as many romance genres as possible. Still, this is not all of the romance groups on Facebook. Browse through the list to see if there is one just right for you and then take some time to do a search on your own to see if there are more that tickle your fancy.

For my romance writer’s out there Facebook groups can be an invaluable tool. NOT to showcase or promote your book but to get in touch with your reader base. To really listen and learn what they want out of a romance book. The groups are also a great place to ask readers questions like I did in “What Do Romance Readers Really Want? “.

Now, without further ado, here are just a few Romance Reader Facebook Groups offered on Facebook.

  1. Adult/Erotic Fiction Publicity and Book Club with 8,266 members
  2. African American Romance Book Club with 466 members
  3. All That Romance with 2,127 members
  4. Audio Books – Erotic & Romance with 941 members
  5. BBW Love: Big, Beautiful and Proud Romance with 128 members
  6. BBW Sweet Romance with 1,717 members
  7. BDSM and Romance Books with 2,282 members
  8. Book Bench for Romance Lovers with 1,961 members
  9. Christian Romance with 57 members
  10. Coastal Romance with 484 members
  11. Curvy Girl Romance with 5,338 members
  12. Dark Erotica/Romance Discussion with 697 members
  13. Erotic-Romance Book Group with 2,769 members
  14. Erotic Readers and Authors with 8,315 members
  15. Fans of All Male Romance Books with 4,355 members
  16. Fans of F/F Romance with 293 members
  17. Gay Romance Literature Lovers with 1,056 members
  18. Historical Romance Addicts with 3,006 members
  19. Horror and Gothic Romance Literature with 112 members
  20. Interracial Multicultural Romance Fanclub with 922 members
  21. Interracial Romance Readers with 1,700 members
  22. M/M Romance with 8,630 members
  23. Medieval Romance Novels with 442 members
  24. MilBrat Romance with 278 members
  25. Military and Suspense Romance Reads with 512 members
  26. New Adult Romance Books with 1,830 members
  27. Old School Romance Book Club with 3,205 members
  28. Outrageous Heroes of Romance with 468 members
  29. Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Fanclub with 3,948 members
  30. Paranormal Romance Lovers with 832 members
  31. Pen and Kink with 4,546 members
  32. Pure Sexual Romance with 3,160 members
  33. Romance Novel Junkies with 11,470 members
  34. Romance Novels & Romantic Fiction Readers and Writers with 3,244 members
  35. Romance Novels Fan Club with 1,520 members
  36. Romance Novels ROCK with 4,357 members
  37. Romance Readers with 13,094 members
  38. Romance Readers and Writers with 1,227 members
  39. Romance Readers Retreat with 963 members
  40. Romance & Suspense with 111 members
  41. Romance & Thrillers Group with 13,239 members
  42. RomCon Contemporary Romance with 290 members
  43. Scottish Historical Romance with 1,628 members
  44. Sports Romance Readers with 24 members
  45. Sweet/Clean Romance Group with 330 members
  46. Sweet Hot Curves: For Romance Readers with 316 members
  47. The Kinkery Book Club with 1,600 members
  48. The SciFi Romance Group with 575 members
  49.  The Smut BookClub with 376 members
  50. Time Travel Romance and Fiction with 789 members
  51. Western Romance Cafe` with 1,266 members
  52. Women Who Love Romance Novels with 5,106 members
  53. Zombie Romance with 208 members

*The member counts are subject to change at any time due to new members arriving and old ones leaving.

Stay Tuned

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  • What do you think of Facebook Reader Groups?
  • Do you belong to any? If so was it mentioned on this list?
  • What kind of Facebook Reader Group would you like to see?

Published by Darla G. Denton, Writer

I am a Contemporary Romance Writer for Curvy women and the men who love them.

6 thoughts on “Join The Club: Facebook Groups for Romance Readers

  1. Hi Darla, I’m a newbie writer of contemporary erotic romance novels with three books published, and, at my publisher’s suggestion, I have a Facebook account, but it’s all personal friends. I don’t know how to attract people to my books. My reviews have been superlative, and I’m on Goodreads, Amazon, and a couple of other sites whose names I can’t remember. I have a full-time job, so I can’t devote a lot of time to flogging my books. I’ve had great replies from a few strangers who’ve read my books, but I don’t know how to reach readers. My publisher suggested a Facebook fan page, but so what? After I have the page, who knows about it? How do I gather people to look at it? As you can see, I’m totally ignorant. I’m an English teacher and a rabid romance reader and an actor, but I know zip about marketing. I’ve spoken at writers’ conventions, but that’s attended by writers, not readers, book conventions, libraries, etc., but my audience is always would-be writers, not readers. I don’t have a blog because who would read it if I have no fans? Can you give me some pointers? One fellow I asked said, “Write more books.” I did that. Another said “Join Romance Writers of America.” I did that. Another said “Tweet.” To whom? If you don’t feel inclined or don’t have time to explain how it works, I certainly understand, but I simply don’t understand how to get readers to my Amazon page or my Goodreads page, etc. How does this work?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sharon. I completely understand your dilemma. I felt the same way. Did you ever see that baseball movie with Kevin Costner called Field of Dreams? If you did, you’ll know the meaning behind this, “If you build it, they will come.” If you write a book someone will read it, if you create a website someone will visit it, and if you have an author page on any social media someone will join it. You’ve already built up more then half of your Author Platform. Now all that seems to be missing is social media and marketing in general. Make a social media page on every site. It doesn’t have to be used everday. Just as long as it has the key info about your books, where to buy them, and your website. Keywords are the key to strangers finding you. In everything you post make sure you use the right keywords so that when someone is searching for something you’ve written about you pop up in their search field. Also look for reader groups that read the type of books you write, join them, then promote when the time is right. I hope this helps 🙂


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