On Being Plus Size in The Workplace

On Being Plus Size in the workplace

It’s hard surviving the modern day workplace. It’s even harder when your fat.

If you’re a plus size professional you face the following each day:

♦ From the moment you get up your day starts off on the wrong foot. Why? Because it’s incredibly hard to find well made plus size clothing. It’s either cheaply made or too expensive. It either fits like a tent making you give off the impression that you are sloppy and lazy or its too tight giving off the impression that you don’t understand whats appropriate or not in the workplace. Either way you screwed from the get go. 

This is where all those lovely plus size fashion websites save the day. Not only do they highlight brands and designers that cater to plus size women but they also show you what the pieces look like on an actual plus size body.

Check out the Curvy Ceo – The Life and Style Guide for the Plus-Sized Professional Woman’s #ShopYourSalary series.

And also:

♦ Even if you find clothes of a good quality in a price range you can afford rarely is it able to fit your body the way it needs to right off the rack. 

The best thing to do is buy a size or two bigger then you would normally and get it tailored to fit your body. I know, the thought of finding a tailor, standing there while they measure your body and paying extra money to have it done sounds inconceivable but it really does make a difference. Also, depending on where you live tailors can be pretty affordable.

Here are some examples of prices:

  • Hemming pants, a skirt, or a dress $10 – $15
  • Fitting a dress shirt $20
  • Taking in a jacket seam $45 – $50
  • Shortening jacket sleeves $25 – $28
  • Taking in a dress $45

Just remember: Buy clothes that fit your widest part comfortably. It’s cheaper to take in then it is to let out.

♦ After dealing with the dressing issues you’re left feeling defeated, uncomfortable and self-conscience. This, in the end, is portrayed through your body language making it appear as though you are unfriendly or that you lack confidence. We see ourselves in the worst light and those thoughts flood our brain making us think that we are ugly, isolated and alone. 

So how do we improve this aspect of our lives?

By learning to accept our bodies, love our bodies and build up our body confidence. The more confident we are the more it shows through our body language. You don’t need to be happy all the time, or perfect. You just need to know that even though your body type isn’t approved by society you are still beautiful and worthy of respect and kindness.

♦ As if all that wasn’t bad enough if your fat and a women then you are most likely in a physically taxing job, kept where you are the least visible, receive hidden and open ridicule from your coworkers and are paid less because you do not fit what society has deemed acceptable in size and weight. However, this is only true if you were actually lucky enough to be hired in the first place. Most plus size women find that they are being turned down for a position they are more then qualified for.

Don’t think Fat discrimination exist in the workplace?

Check out the following articles:

New Study Finds That Weight Discrimination in the Workplace is Just as Horrible and Depressing as Ever by Lesley Kinzel on XOJane.com

Is the CDC Fueling Anti-Fat Bias in Workplaces?  by Bill Briggs on NBCNews.com

Want to do something to improve your career opportunities?

Check out Michelle Merritt on Merrfeld Resume and Coaching. She specializes in Big Girl Big Careers – Turning Your Plus Size Life into a Plus Size Career.

You Become what you believe

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  • What has your experience been like in the workplace?
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  • Where do you like to buy your work clothes at?

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