Curvy Heroines and The Women Who Read Them

Body Confidence

Hi I’m Darla, a passionate writer of curvy heroines that kick ass, live life to the fullest and love with every ounce of their being.

Why do I choose to write about curvy heroines?

Because I want to help other curvy women realize that they are beautiful, that they can kick ass and be loved completely, just the way they are. Oh and because I am also fat.

Whenever I describe myself online I always say that I’m fat.

Why? Because being fat is a big part of me (no pun intended).

I would love to say, “Fat isn’t who I am, it’s just the size of my body.” But that’s not true.

I’ve been fat my whole life (from baby to adulthood) and the fact that I shouldn’t be has been shoved into my face for as long as I can remember.

It came to a point where I had to decide to either let the comments and bullying take over my life or own up to the body that I had and learn to appreciate it….maybe even, dare i say,  love it.

Of course, I tried dieting because the message of “love your body as long as it’s a skinny body” is just too strong.

My well meaning but misguided loved ones would constantly voice their concerns for my health. Even though I have no health issues what so ever, I would let their concerns and comments eat away at my self esteem and I would inevitably end up on a diet.

Dieting is a vicious cycle that I’ve been a part of since middle school when my mother signed me up for Jenny Craig.

Yes, being fat can cause health problems. It can also cause more aches and pains because of the extra weight, but just being fat isn’t the real problem.

The real health risk of “obesity” is the negative thoughts that seep through our bodies daily, hourly, and in some cases every minute.

It’s a proven fact that positive thinking can help a person overcome their illness. When a sick person is overcome with negative thoughts their bodies shut down.

If we could just come together as a society and realize that all our bodies are different and there is no “picture of health” the obesity problem would decrease.

Everyone’s body processes and functions differently from one another. Yes we have guidelines that help us know if you are in a normal range or not but those are just guidelines. In other words, they are educated guesses of what size to weight ratio is healthiest.

If we could stop voicing concern over someone’s size, whether it be too fat or too skinny, we will stop the cycle of self doubt and low self esteem we inadvertently thrust onto people.

However, since we, as a society, are a long way away from this I, as a fat woman, have had to learn to ignore the comments and social messages that I should be ashamed of my body.

No, it’s not easy and yes I still catch myself hating my body from time to time. I read about a new magic diet and think that maybe I should try it. I still see skinnier women then I and feel a twinge of jealousy, wishing I could be a size that most of society accepts as good. Then i remember something important.

I am a woman. A damn fine woman.

I have a body that works gloriously and a man who adores it (yes, he really does). I have grown and birthed two healthy children from it and through my body I am able to do the things I love like swimming in the ocean, dancing to the beat of a drum, photographing the wonders around me and writing fun sexy uplifting stories of other women who wont let society tell them if they are worthy or not. 

I write these stories hoping that other curvy women who are doubting their worth and beauty will see that they too can find a way to drown out the negativity and embrace the positives about themselves.

Big is Beautiful. Skinny is Beautiful. In Between is Beautiful.

The only ugly thing about size is the negative thoughts surrounding it.

Throw out the negativity and embrace what you have!

Fattitude is a documentary created by Lindsey Averill and Viri Leiberman that exposes how popular culture fosters fat prejudice and then offers an alternative way of thinking.

If you like what these ladies are trying to accomplish check out their Kickstarter page: Fattitude: A Body Positive Documentary.


Published by Darla G. Denton, Writer

I am a Contemporary Romance Writer for Curvy women and the men who love them.

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