12 Resources For Writers to Work From Home

12 Resources For Writers to Work From Home

Did you know it’s not only possible to earn extra income while writing from the comfort of your home but there’s a way to do it and be able to quit your day job?

My family is currently in a state of financial flux.

The time has come for my husband to finally resign from his current soul sucking job and start anew in a more promising career. However, with this new venture, a lot of things have become uncertain. Like, for instance, our income.

To accept this new career path, my husband will have to endure an undetermined period of being “on call”. Meaning, we have no clue how often he will be working or even how much money he will earn, for at least the first year.

Your thinking, “That’s insane!” and you’d be right but it’s also necessary.

Recently, my husband and I had a heart to heart.

It was basically me stating that I was “freaking out” about this lack of money that was coming our way and that I needed to shelve this writing idea, beg my Mom to be our new pro-bono babysitter, and get my ass out there to find whatever I could in the form of a job.

He quickly called me crazy because there was no way my mom and my kids would survive coexisting like that over an extended period of time and then reminded me that I have no college education. I started my family right out of high school and I’ve been a stay at home mom off and on for the past 13 years so I basically have no solid work experience.

Firmly and with certainty I wish I possessed, my husband  stated that I needed to “stick with this writing thing” and not worry about it.

Not worry about it?! Does this man know me at all?? There is no way I will be able to not freak out over this. However, I do realize that he is right, the best option for me is to stick with writing.

I’m currently writing the next Great American Curvy Romance Novel 😉 and while this venture of mine is extremely rewarding it does little to bring money in for my family (so far).

So, the question remains: What can I do to help protect my family from this upcoming state of financial uncertainty while still writing?

Over this past year I have learned how to design a website, manage a blog, write original content, handle social media, and participate in various forms of online marketing. In doing this I have uncovered a career that I didn’t know existed before: Freelance Writer.

What is a freelance writer?

a person who works as a writer, designer,performer, or the like, selling work or services by the hour, day, job,etc., rather than working on a regular salary basis for one employer. (Dictionary.com)

Who can be a freelance writer?

Anyone that has above par grammar, organizational skills, can handle being self-motivated and loves writing.

How do you become a freelance writer?

Write. Write what you know and what you love.

Research the markets that deal in the areas you want to write about and find your niche. Network with leading people and companies to gain insider knowledge.

Frequent the websites that provide content you want to write about and leave comments that contribute to the post.

Send emails to websites you want to write for with content ideas.

Send emails to consumer and  trade magazines and newspapers pitching your article ideas.

Where can you find freelance writing jobs?

Do a search for “Freelance Writer” or “blogger” on Google’s Advanced Search.

or check the following:

There is an abundance of articles and websites dedicated to this profession.

Through my research I’ve come to learn that while there are plenty of situations where someone was taken advantage of there were far more stories of success. Like everything in life, you need to be informed, make educated decisions about which job to apply for and how to charge for your services.

I know that with a plan, a whole lot of confidence and diligence I can make this happen for me and my family.

Have you supplemented your income with freelancing gigs?

Are you a full-time freelance writer?

If you are more interested in fiction based writing jobs check out 13 Websites That Post Writing Jobs.

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I am a Contemporary Romance Writer for Curvy women and the men who love them.

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