An Unexpected Writers Retreat

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to pop in and write you a quick update. Two weekends ago my in-laws came down and decided to bring our kids back with them for two weeks of family time in their home state. Amazing! I know!! lol

Anyway, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to finally finish revising my book. My goal was to have it buttoned up and ready to give to beta readers by the time the kids return home (Sunday, July 27th).

The first week of my “Writers Retreat” started and I immediately was bombarded by people who needed me, people who wanted to hang out since I was kid free, and of course my loving husband who wanted me all to himself. So I put off the “writers retreat” for the first week and have now dived back into it. Thankfully the phone has been quiet. I haven’t even dared go on the internet for fear of getting distracted but then the guilt of neglecting my blog/webpage got to me so here I am trying to type this out as fast as I can.With each second that passes I feel the urge to “look something up” on the internet get stronger and stronger.AHH!

So keep your fingers crossed and pray that I make my deadline. I won’t lie, I think I might feel utterly defeated if I dont. :-/

Anyway, if anyone is interested in being my first ever beta reader let me know! You can comment on here or contact me through my email or any of my social media formats. I am looking for 2-3 people willing to take the time out to read my book and give me their honest opinion (even if your honest opinion is that it sucks). My hope is to find at least one person who is a Romantic Suspense Fan, someone who knows what it takes to get published in the romance industry, and even someone who is not a fan of romantic reads.

Why would I want someone who is not a fan? Because if they actually liked it then that means I really am on to something 😉

Published by Darla G. Denton, Writer

I am a Contemporary Romance Writer for Curvy women and the men who love them.

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