Prompt Your Imagination Into Overdrive

5 Writing Prompts For Romance Writers

I’ve talked before about the art of keeping a writer’s notebook  and how using prompts as an exercise can really build a writer’s creative muscles.

Sometimes inspiration pours out of us and sometimes it doesn’t. Our muses can be fickle beasts.

Writing prompts are a great way to keep us company while we are in a rut and hopefully help us out by sparking a great idea or giving us a starting off point for a story.

If you are currently in a dry spell and need a kick of inspiration check out the following:

Romance Story Starters

LitBridge – Article: Creative Writing Prompts About Romance

Awesome Writing Prompts -Tumblr of writing prompts that don’t suck! (This is for any genre)

TVTropes: Romance Novel Plots – A One Stop Shopping List for Romance Plots and Complications

Prompt Inspiration – A Daily Prompt Generator (This is for Multiple Genres)


Do you love random generators? Then check out  35 Random Idea Generators for Writing A Romance Novel.


Oh, by the way….

Happy Independence Day America!




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8 thoughts on “Prompt Your Imagination Into Overdrive

      1. I did survive with minor sunburns. Romance short stories are practically impossible to pull off well.


      2. So far so good. Got my first monthly magazine which I liked. I think they come once a month. There is a class I’m interested in but its going on right when my in-laws are in town so I don’t think I’ll catch that one. I still need to spend time on the “networking” side but I’m liking it more then I did in the beginning.


      3. Most online classes are not very demanding. Depending on how long your inlaws are in town, you can still pull it off.


      4. Could you send me an email describing what its like? For instance, with your class did you guys meet up online at a certain time or was it just a forum style where you check in, participate in the conversation, do the assignment and get feedback?


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