Shell Shocked: The Life of a Mother with a Teenage Daughter


Yesterday (Thursday, May 29th) was my daughters 13th birthday.

That’s right folks, I am now officially a mother to a teenage girl.

God help me!

We spent the day like we always do, having a Mother-Daughter date day at the mall.

I unwisely thought that I could put off writing today’s blog post for when I got home but I underestimated just how exhausting a 13yr old could be when she’s on a “shopping spree”.

By the time I got home (5hrs later) I was dead to the world. I don’t even remember much, other then walking around the house like a zombie putting the kids to bed and shutting everything down for the night.

Next thing I know my alarm is jarring me awake to make it to her yearly physical.

I have no clue why I schedule Dr’s appointments so early. I’ve really got to stop that.

Oh and apparently after your child turns 13 the questions the Dr’s asks goes from do you have tummy aches or questions about your body to are you doing drugs or having sex. !!!


I was NOT prepared for that at 8am in the morning. I must have had quite the look on my face because the DR laughed and said it’s standard questions for kids 13-18…. Ok, but a little warning might have been nice :-/

Anyway, I’m still walking around in a haze from yesterday. I can’t even tell you just how much money was spent. I know she had birthday money from gifts but I think I recall her convincing me to chip in on some things as well. Just thinking about my possible bank balance is making me cringe.

I know there was something important I wanted to share with you guys but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was and I can’t seem to find any notes on it either.

So this is it, my blog post for the day. Me rambling on about how I and my bank account are likely going to perish now that my daughter is a teenager.

Say a prayer for me!

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I am a Contemporary Romance Writer for Curvy women and the men who love them.

7 thoughts on “Shell Shocked: The Life of a Mother with a Teenage Daughter

  1. If my parents were present during a Dr. visit, which was only once I believe…he sent them out to ask those questions. HA!

    Seriously tho…my 8 yo old niece can be like this now. I am going to cry when she turns 13.


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