It’s Summertime!

It is officially summer time in our household!

The kids last day of school was Wednesday of last week hence the lack of blog posts. We were running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to attend all the field days, award ceremonies, class picnics, and turning everything back in that some how found it’s way to my house. Not to mention, getting the house ready for 24/7 Tasmanian devils in the shapes of my kids.

Fair warning, I don’t know how well I’ll be able to stick to my Monday, Wednesday and Friday blog post schedule. Bare with me. Check back on those days just in-case I was able to slip into my writing cave.

I’m trying very hard to be physically here for my kids this summer.

For most of the kid’s summers both my husband and I were working so the kids had to wait for some summer fun whenever and wherever we could fit it in. Last summer was suppose to be my first full summer off with my kids. I had so many wonderful things planned! I was genuinely excited to see how much of it we could get done and then life happened.

I fell on my knee, chipping chunks out of the cartilage, tearing ligaments, and being bedridden for pretty much the whole summer. Yeah…. last summer sucked not only for me but the kids.

This summer I’ve got my “groove” back and I can’t wait to see what all we can get into.

So far I’m thinking:

  • white water rafting
  • indoor sky diving
  • and a read-a-thon in hammocks on the back porch

Hey, a girl can dream right?? lol 

One of things I am hoping to accomplish is to have the kids do a project that takes the whole summer to complete. I know, GASP!, work during the summer?! But it isn’t really. My plan is to have them take pictures and short video clips of everything they do this summer (whenever we remember) and then at the end of the summer create a video with graphics and sound effects that they will hopefully label, “The Best Summer Ever!”

What do you think? 

Have you done something like this yourself or with your kids?

Do you have a program or app that isn’t itunes only that you suggest I try out?


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