22 Podcasts Every Writer Should Check Out


Hello, my name is Darla and I hoard podcast episodes.

There, I admit it.

I see a podcast that covers what I’m interested in and instead of listening to a preview of it or downloading just one episode I have to subscribe and download ALL episodes.

As if that’s not bad enough, I then listen to them in order of publication date…even if that particular episode talks about something I find “boring”.

I know, I need help.


You can benefit from my compulsions.

How you might ask?

Well… Since I’m compelled to listen to all episodes of a podcast I run across, you can guarantee that if it’s on this list, it’s a good one. 🙂 So enjoy!


My Top 22 Podcasts for Writers

(1)   American Writers Creative Writing Podcast 26 Episodes (2006-2007)

The Creative Writing Podcast at AmericanWriters.com is designed to help writers of all levels. The focus is on characterization, narrative, plot development, dialogue, conflict, setting, literary archetypes, etc. Episodes are not centered around mindless, useless pep talks and recycled writing tips. Rather, the Podcast at AmericanWriters.com offers in-depth analysis of what works and what doesn’t, with explanations and original writing samples. Subscribe and visit AmericanWriters.com for more information.

(2)   Author MBA 31 Episodes (2013-2014)

AuthorMBA features one-on-one conversations with today’s brightest authors who excel at the business of books. Conversations feature insights into successful business models, revenue streams, publishing strategies, marketing know-how, author platform dos and don’ts, content essentials, career decisions, and more. Writing a good book isn’t enough. Selling a good book usually isn’t enough either. To thrive in the new book economy, today’s most successful authors think like an entrepreneur with an MBA and treat their books like a business. AuthorMBA is precisely that, business school for authors.

(3)   Expert Entrepreneurs in Publishing 20 Episodes (2013-2014)

Interviews for authors and writers with expert entrepreneurs in publishing who provide support and know how to authors and writers to increase visibility and sales of their book.

(4)   Grammar Girl 66 Episodes (2013-2014) Older Episodes can be found at Grammer Girls archives

Grammar Girl provides short, friendly tips to improve your writing. Whether English is your first language or your second language, these grammar, punctuation, style, and business tips will make you a better and more successful writer. Grammar Girl is a Quick and Dirty Tips podcast. To download podcast episodes not shown here, visit QuickandDirtyTips.com

(5)   Helping Writers Become Authors 241 Episodes (2009-2014)

Helping Writers Become Authors provides writers help in summoning inspiration, crafting solid characters, outlining and structuring novels, and polishing prose. Learn how to write a book and edit it into a story agents will buy and readers will love. (Music intro by Kevin MacLeod.)

(6)   How They Blog 20 Episodes (2013-2014)

The How They Blog Podcast with Kat Lee features blogging tips, tricks and interviews with successful bloggers.

(7)   I Should Be Writing 100 Episodes (2012-2014)

Winner of the Podcast Peer Award and the Parsec Award, this is a show about a writer going from wanna-be to pro. Focusing on the emotional road blocks one finds in a writing career.

(8)  Meet The Writers 222 Episodes (2006- 2010)

Hear the latest word on today’s hottest authors with Barnes & Noble’s exclusive Meet the Writers Podcast. Listen as your favorite writers discuss their inspirations and influences, their favorite books, and the reasons they write.

(9)  Nerdist Writer’s Panel 179 Episodes (2011-2014)

The Nerdist Writers Panel series is an informal chat moderated by Ben Blacker (co-creator of the Thrilling Adventure Hour; writer for Supah Ninjas, Supernatural, among others) with professional writers about the process and business of writing. Covering TV, film, comic books, music, novels, and any other kind of writing about which you’d care to hear. Proceeds from the live panels benefit 826LA, the national non-profit tutoring program.

(10)  New Yorker: Fiction 84 Episodes (2007-2014)

A monthly reading and conversation with the New Yorker fiction editor Deborah Treisman.

(11)  Novel Marketing 27 Episodes (2013-2014)

This is the show for novelists who hate marketing, but still want to become bestselling authors. Our goal is to make book promotion fun and easy for writers who would really rather be writing.

(12)  Reading and Writing Podcast 157 Episodes (2009-2014)

Interviews with authors about their books, their writing habits, their favorite novels, and how they got started writing.

(13)  Self Publishing Podcast 107 Episodes (2012-2014)

Want to get your words out into the world without contending with agents, publishers, or any of the other gatekeepers in traditional publishing? There’s never been a better time to become a writer, and to be in charge of your own destiny rather than jumping through hoops to please the Powers that Be. Self-publishing ninjas Johnny B. Truant, David Wright, and Sean Platt — who have manufactured online publishing companies that crank out a book every single week — to explore everything related to getting published in today’s new DIY digital publishing frontier. This isn’t artsy talk… we’re business guys with no-BS strategies to help you make self-publishing a rewarding reality. Submit your questions at SelfPublishingPodcast.com!

(14) The Author Hangout 6 Episodes (2014)

The Author Hangout is a Hangout on Air and podcast dedicated to helping authors navigate the self-publishing world. Brought to you by BookMarketingTools.com, The Author Hangout hopes to equip authors with the necessary tools as well as book marketing tips and advice for marketing a book. Join us to hear from many special guests on various areas of marketing ebooks, social media for authors, becoming a bestseller and more. The self-publishing revolution has enabled many authors to be able to publish their books quickly and easily, but many struggle with actually selling their book. Marketing any product is important, and the same is true for books. If no one knows about your book, then no one can buy it. The key to selling more books is marketing them. The Author Hangout is here to help you to sell more books.

(15)  The Creative Penn Podcast 10 Episodes (2013-2014)

nformation and inspiration on writing, self-publishing, print-on-demand, internet sales and marketing…for your book. All the latest in publishing 2.0 and using the internet to make more sales and promote your book.

(16)  The Dead Robots’ Society 301 Episodes (2009-2014)

The Dead Robots’ Society, a gathering of aspiring writers podcasting to other aspiring writers, hoping to help each other along the way to the promised land of publication.

(17)  The Guardian Books Podcast 100 Episodes (2013-2014)

presented by editor of Guardian books Claire Armitstead, for author interviews, readings and discussions – plus a full recording of our monthly book club

(18)  The Secrets 10 Episodes

The Secrets Podcasts are the audio companion to The Secrets newsletter. The Secrets is a serious tool for writers. It addresses problems writers have and provides solutions as well as inspiration. Though the podcasts only cover a fraction of the material available in the print version of The Secrets, they cover issues critical to writers at all levels of expertise and career.

(19)  The Writing Show 187 Episodes (2005-2014)

The Writing Show provides information and inspiration for writers of all kinds. Whether you write fiction, nonfiction, screenplays, songs, games, manuals, ads, reports, reviews, or poetry, we are here to entertain, help, and engage you.

(20)  This Is Your Life 97 Episodes (2012-2014)

This Is Your Life with Michael Hyatt is a weekly podcast dedicated to intentional leadership. The goal is to help you live with more passion, work with greater focus, and lead with extraordinary influence.

(21)  Writing Excuses 327 Episodes (2008-2014)

Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Howard Tayler, and Daniel Wells discuss writing techniques in a fast-paced, 15-minute format.

(22)  Writers on Writing 24 Episodes (2013-2014)

A weekly radio program hosted by journalist and author Barbara DeMarco-Barrett, and guest hosts Marrie Stone and Nicole Nelson, on the art and business of writing. More on the show, writers, and writing at penonfire.com.

Need a suggestion for a podcast reader?

Try These:

  1. Stitcher 
  2. Pocket Casts
  3. RSS Radio 7
  4. Podcast Addict 


Do you have a podcast or podcast app that you love?

If I didn’t mention it let me know what it is. 🙂

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