A Review: Love or Deception by Morgan K. Wyatt

A Review: Love or Deception by Morgan K. Wyatt

Love or Deception by Morgan K. Wyatt

<Book Synopsis>

Amy awakes to find her husband Mark missing, along with her memories. Her recollections of Mark include a whirlwind courtship and a beach wedding. Amy is determined to uncover what happened to her husband. How could a man who loved her so intensely just walk away? 

The police have no interest in finding Mark. They reason he wasn’t ready for marriage and he walked. She wonders if his disappearance could be associated with her work. 

Ryan, a close friend and co-worker, assists her in piecing together her missing memories. As the pair work together, they find that Amy’s actual past reveals a scenario that is so horrifying that it forces them on the run, not knowing whom they can trust. Will Amy’s newly recalled memories prove fatal to both her and Ryan?

<My Review>

I liked the story. Morgan definitely starts this one off with a bang! We come in onto a love scene that quickly turns into something else. The mystery surrounding the story hooks you right from the start. From beginning to end Morgan had me questioning who to trust. Just as I was sure who was “good” and who was “bad” something else would happen or be said that would make me doubt myself. My only complaints are that I feel we spent too much time inside Amy’s head. There were times where I had to stop reading because Amy’s thoughts were just too long, boring and repetitive. I also felt like the ending was cut short. It felt rushed and kind of plain for a story with so many twist and turns. That being said I still liked it. The who, where and why parts of the story really do sink their hooks into me.

I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars. Why? Because (1) The mystery and plot twists entwined in the story were great! but (2) the inner monologue was just too much at times and because of that (3) I don’t see myself rereading it.

Would I recommend this book?

Yes. It’s an easy read (except for the long inner monologues) and the mystery behind the story sinks it’s teeth into you until the very end.

I would recommend this book to a reader who loves Romantic Suspense.

I felt Morgan did a great job weaving her story together and hooking me into what happens. I can’t wait to see what her other books have in store!

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I am a Contemporary Romance Writer for Curvy women and the men who love them.

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