A Review: The Way Back Home by Barbara Freethy

A Book Review: The Way Back Home by Barbara Freethy


The Way Back Home by Barbara Freethy


Ex-Marine Gabe Ryder is fulfilling the last request of his best friend Rob, who was killed in a firefight during their final days of service. He promised to help Rob’s family—especially Rob’s twin sister, Alicia—with their struggling river rafting business. Gabe has a hidden past with Alicia, however; she’s the woman who taught him that love might exist, but he walked away from her.

Alicia has more than enough on her plate with her brother’s death, her father’s injury from a tragic rafting accident, the entire town turning against them, and a series of dangerous attacks on her business. She doesn’t need this rugged loner who broke her heart. But passion flares between them, and this time, they can’t walk away. Alicia can’t help wondering: did Rob really send Gabe to watch over her—or did he want her to show Gabe the way home?

<My Review>

I chose to read A Way Back Home because it was the 2013 RITA Winner for best Contemporary Single Title Romance.

I enjoyed the book. It was an easy read, even though the were many characters vying for attention with their own back stories. The complexity of the characters was a nice change from the normal contemporary romance where most minor characters seem to be flat. The dynamic between Alicia and Gabe was steamy at times but also predictable. The only real mystery was the “who did it” aspect. Barbara did a great job at keeping me guessing until the very end.

I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars. Why? Because (1) I enjoyed the book and the characters that inhabited it. (2) Although it was an easy read I found myself skimming through  paragraphs because of repeated inner monologue. Sometimes it got so bad that I would momentarily think I had accidentally gone back a chapter or two.  (3) The complex minor characters kept me interested and guessing on who the “Bad Guy” was till the very end.

Would I recommend it to a family member or friend?

Yes. I would suggest it as an easy read but not as a book you just have to have.

Although I enjoyed the story ,and the depth of the minor characters was a breath of fresh air, the inner monologue was eye roll worthy at times and actually repeated itself …. A lot. For that reason alone I do not see myself ever reading it again.

However, that being said, I am eager to read more of Barbara’s work. I’m not sure how I’ve never picked up one of her books before but I’m glad I finally did.

Have you read, The Way Back Home? What were your thoughts on it?

Do you have a book by Barbara Freethy that you would recommend?

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