9 Different Ways to Use Wikipedia

9 Different Ways to Use Wikipedia to Help Research Your Book

Are you an avid Wikipedia user? If you are, then you probably already know this but if you’re like me you had no idea whatsoever that, there existed on the internet today, 9 different ways to use Wikipedia!

Shocking right!? Ok, so it’s not mind blowing news but until recently I had no idea Wikipedia offered more then just a free Encyclopedia.

And, without further delay:

  1. Wikipedia – The Free Encyclopedia (I know, I know you already knew about this one.)
  2. Wikitionary – The Free Dictionary
  3. Wikibooks – Free Textbooks
  4. Wikiquote – Quotations
  5. Wikisource – Free Library
  6. Wikiversity – Free Learning Resources
  7. Wikimedia – Free Images and Media
  8. Wikivoyage – Free Travel Guide
  9. Wikinews – Free News Source

I know this isn’t mind blowing news but just think of the ways you can use this for your next writing adventure.

  • The encyclopedia to research certain people, events, or companies.
  • The dictionary to make sure you’re using the correct word in the correct way.
  • The images and media for blog posts.
  • The travel guide to help you get a better feel for a setting in your book.
  • The textbooks and learning resources to brush up on your knowledge of any subject they have available.

All of this from the comforts of your home without having to scour countless websites.

I confess, It’s the little things, like this, that excite me. I love research and anything that might make that research easier to obtain.

What about you? Do you love the research aspect of writing for your book or blog?

Do you use the different Wikipedia resources?

Is there another website you prefer to use to help you with your research?

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I am a Contemporary Romance Writer for Curvy women and the men who love them.

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