What Can Pinterest Do For Writers?

What Can Pinterest Do For Writers



I love Pinterest. There was a time one could say I lived, ate, and breathed it. Now, writing has taken over that area of my life. However, I still turn to Pinterest, first, for all my writing needs.

If you haven’t tried Pinterest yet, here is some basic information to get you started.

Pinterest is a website that started up around 2010. It was created on the idea of “Inspiration Boards”. You know, the cork boards on the walls of homes that were covered in things to inspire you or that you hope to achieve. In the Business world it was  office project boards that helped you plan an event or helped with the creation of a product. Pinterests’ goal was to make the Ispiration/Project board an online entity that you could easily add to and share, whether you uploaded the images and information yourself or found them on the internet and pinned them with the handy “pin it” button.

What makes Pinterest so addicting, in my mind, is that you can literally create as many themed boards as your imagination can come up with. You can spend hours finding the perfect  things to pin to each board and still come back the next day to find more that you didn’t even know existed. The best part is, you can easily browse through other peoples boards for more inspiration and ideas. You can also follow certain people and you will be able to see whatever they pinned on a daily basis on your “home feed” page. The creative possibilities are endless.

I use Pinterest for everything. On my personal account (yes I have two, I pin that much!) I have 47 boards and on my professional account I have 34. My board themes range from Food recepies that make me drool, to cleaning advice I can’t live without, to fashion I wish I could pin directly into my closet at home, and everything in between. However, this article isn’t about what Pinterest can do for your home life but what it can do for Writers.

So, let’s take a look at my pinterest boards on my professional account.

First off, you can find me here on Pinterest . This account is dedicated to writing inspiration and resources. Like I mentioned before there are currently 34 boards (however this number can change whenever creativity strikes me again). Below, I will list the names of each board and a short description. Hopefully, this will give you an idea on how you could use Pinterest to further your writing career.

Darla G. Denton’s Pinterest Boards

  1. Writer for Hire – a board dedicated to articles, tips and websites that help freelance writers.
  2. How to Write – a board that covers the basics of how to write a novel. The core structure of a book, grammar issues, and advice on what works and doesn’t work.
  3. Blogging It Up – a board dedicated to the blogging side of an Authors Platform. I have general “how to” articles, technique articles, and the usual tips and tricks mixed with advice.
  4. Book Publishing and Marketing – a board that covers the wide range of marketing and publishing options for writers looking to send their book out into the masses.
  5. Inspiration: Characters – a board that I created to put pictures of people that inspire me. There are also sayings that Inspire certain characters as well.
  6. Inspiration: Scenes/Setting – a board dedicated to pictures of scenes and settings around the world that invoke my muse.
  7. Writers Block – a board with tips, tricks, and techniques to over come writers block. Also writing prompts that spark my interest.
  8. You Said it! – Just a board of sayings and funny posters that I feel resonate with my writing life.
  9. Books to Read – a board that lists romance and erotic books that I should read.
  10. Words, Words, Words – a board dedicated to words, their uses in writing and handy lists of words to use in the place of other words.
  11. Character Building – a board dedicated to articles and worksheets on building strong likable characters and characters you love to hate.
  12. Revising and Editing – a board of articles and worksheets to help make the editing process a little less painful.
  13. Your Author Website – a board dedicated to tips, tricks, techniques and articles on how to create and maintain a great author website.
  14. Plot Building – a board with articles and worksheets on how to build strong plots that carry you through to the end of the book.
  15. Lost in Translation – a board of articles and info-graphics that explain the differences in other countries. (For when your book takes place outside of the US)
  16. Scene Building – a board that is filled with advice and worksheets on how to build great scenes that transports the readers.
  17. Dialogue Writing – articles that help with the ever important and ever elusive dialogue.
  18. E-Books – a board dedicated to articles and websites about e-books.
  19. Social Media – a huge board filled with info-graphics, articles, and websites that either talk about social media and how it can benefit you, teaches you how to use it to your best advantage or gives your the latest statistics.
  20. Time Management – a board dedicated to articles that teach you how to manage your writing time.
  21. Office Space – a board where I pin things that I want or should do in my office space.
  22. Sequels –  a board with articles on how to pull off a sequel to your book or even a series.
  23. Helpful Websites – a board that lists a wide variety of helpful writer websites and tools.
  24. Short Stories – A board that is filled with articles, tips and techniques on how to write short stories.
  25. Inspiration: Erotica – a board where I pin pictures that inspire love scenes.
  26. Deductions – A board dedicated to tax information for writers and freelancers
  27. Inspiration: Book Covers – a board that I use to pin pictures of book covers that I like.
  28. Research – a board dedicated to pins of things I think are important to remember and also articles on where to go online for research and how to get the most out of your research.
  29. Writing Erotica– a board dedicated to specific articles on how to write Erotica stories
  30. Writers Journal – a board dedicated to prompts and advice on what to put in your writers journal.
  31. NanoWrimo – A board about the current upcoming nanowrimo and articles on how to make the most of your nano time.
  32. Genre: Romance – a board dedicated to articles just about the Romance genre.
  33. A(Plus) Curves – a board devoted to everything that spreads a message of body acceptance and to love your curves.
  34. Writing Contests – a board dedicated to websites that offer writing contests

As I was typing out all the boards I had, tons more board ideas came to mind. So it’s best to check my Pinterest account often, you never know what you might find that will help you with your current project.

Take the time to read through this helpful Pinterest Basics article and if you have further questions don’t hesitate to peruse to Pinterest Help Center.

Do you already use Pinterest? If so, include the link to your account in the comment section and I will be sure to follow you. More Followers = More Pins that come across my feed and I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that in my mind, “The More Pins, The Merrier!”

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