Part 2: How to Outline Your Novel With a Bulletin Board

As promised in my previous blog post “How To Outline Your Novel With a Bulletin Board” I’ve created another post that goes into further detail on the way I’m currently outlining my novel. My Outline Method Step 1: Come up with a basis for a story. There are many way you can do this. ChooseContinue reading “Part 2: How to Outline Your Novel With a Bulletin Board”

13 Websites that Post Writing Jobs

I started this writing journey last year because I was 2 months into having no job, bedridden and bored. I was previously a Nanny that ran a daycare/preschool out of my home. That sounds kind of impressive lol but I basically just watched children in my home, took care of them, and loved them untilContinue reading “13 Websites that Post Writing Jobs”

What the Heck is a Twitter Chat?

Have you heard about Twitter Chats? I had briefly heard them mentioned but had never understood what they were until I accidentally stumbled onto one while browsing my twitter feed. I replied to a post that one of my Twitter friends posted and in turn ended up crashing a twitter chat (whoops!). When I realizedContinue reading “What the Heck is a Twitter Chat?”