Classes, Conferences, Conventions, Retreats and Workshops…Oh My!

The number 1 rule to writing well is to write often. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to write often in our daily lives. So what do we do when we can’t find the time to write but desperately need to? We hide ourselves away in a writer’s retreat. What’s a writers retreat? WritingContinue reading “Classes, Conferences, Conventions, Retreats and Workshops…Oh My!”

Writing Communities: From the General to the Genre Specific

Since starting this writing journey I’ve heard time and time again about the benefits of joining writing communities. I’ve taken the step once before to research them but there is just SO many that it made my head spin. Plus there’s always that feeling of, “Would I even really fit into this group?” or “DoContinue reading “Writing Communities: From the General to the Genre Specific”

A Review: 2014 Writer’s Market Deluxe Edition

I was first introduced to this yearly updated book this summer when I heard about it on a blog I was browsing through. I went straight to my local library to check it out and of course (since I live in a “small” town) the library only had an outdated version (2010) .I checked itContinue reading “A Review: 2014 Writer’s Market Deluxe Edition”

8 Steps to Writing a Novel

How to write a novel. Those 5 words have so many different answers that, as a newbie to the writing world, left me baffled. I clicked onto as many “How To” articles that my hungry little eyes could handle but after reading one and moving onto the next it would leave me confused and frustrated.Continue reading “8 Steps to Writing a Novel”