What is a #Hashtag? and How Can it Help Your Writing Career?

What is a #hashtag? I just recently joined the Twitter world back in November 2013 (I know, I’m a late little birdie), and it’s honestly the hardest Social Media outlet to understand (at least for me). It’s almost like you need a code book to reference when trying to understand peoples tweets. I was utterlyContinue reading “What is a #Hashtag? and How Can it Help Your Writing Career?”

A Weekly Writer’s Schedule

I previously talked about “How To Be a More Productive Writer”. In that article I listed 6 basic steps that help you attain the productivity needed to make your writing career a success. I briefly touched on the wonders of making lists and schedules. Today I want to talk more about… A Weekly Writer’s ScheduleContinue reading “A Weekly Writer’s Schedule”

What Can Pinterest Do For Writers?

  EVERYTHING! I love Pinterest. There was a time one could say I lived, ate, and breathed it. Now, writing has taken over that area of my life. However, I still turn to Pinterest, first, for all my writing needs. If you haven’t tried Pinterest yet, here is some basic information to get you started.Continue reading “What Can Pinterest Do For Writers?”