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Writing Goals, Desires of Organization and the Devices That Make It Possible

It’s a new year so that means a new list of writing goals. My top 5 Writing Goals for 2015 Finish polishing up Destiny Be Damned Enter into at least 1 writing competition Put feelers out for Literary Agents/Publishers Start … Continue reading

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A Weekly Writer’s Schedule

I previously talked about “How To Be a More Productive Writer”. In that article I listed 6 basic steps that help you attain the productivity needed to make your writing career a success. I briefly touched on the wonders of … Continue reading

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6 Steps To Be A More Productive Writer

Writing can be a very enjoyable and rewarding process. However, if you’re writing with the goal of becoming a published author or as an option for a career it can become overwhelming, to say the least. Productivity is key to … Continue reading

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