Writing Goals, Desires of Organization and the Devices That Make It Possible

It’s a new year so that means a new list of writing goals. My top 5 Writing Goals for 2015 Finish polishing up Destiny Be Damned Enter into at least 1 writing competition Put feelers out for Literary Agents/Publishers Start writing holiday pieces and short stories Find a paying online writing gig I’ve got someContinue reading “Writing Goals, Desires of Organization and the Devices That Make It Possible”

A Weekly Writer’s Schedule

I previously talked about “How To Be a More Productive Writer”. In that article I listed 6 basic steps that help you attain the productivity needed to make your writing career a success. I briefly touched on the wonders of making lists and schedules. Today I want to talk more about… A Weekly Writer’s ScheduleContinue reading “A Weekly Writer’s Schedule”

6 Steps To Be A More Productive Writer

Writing can be a very enjoyable and rewarding process. However, if you’re writing with the goal of becoming a published author or as an option for a career it can become overwhelming, to say the least. Productivity is key to obtaining any goals but especially  when you’re inundated with projects, dates and deadlines, contests andContinue reading “6 Steps To Be A More Productive Writer”