An Infographic Guide To The Perfect Social Media Post

I stumbled onto a great infographic that breaks down what the perfect post would be for the different popular Social Media platforms out there today. So, i decided to keep today’s blog post short and sweet and just share it with you all. I hope you find it as useful as I did. My onlyContinue reading “An Infographic Guide To The Perfect Social Media Post”

The Ultimate List of Mobile Apps for Writers with Androids

This is a continuation of last Wednesday’s post “The Ultimate List of Mobile Apps for Writers on iTunes”. Except today I want to focus on apps that the Google Play Store offers Android users. You can get an app for almost anything you want these days. They can help you stay organized, sharpen your knowledge,Continue reading “The Ultimate List of Mobile Apps for Writers with Androids”

The Ultimate List of Mobile Apps for Writers on iTunes

Welcome to my Ultimate list of mobile apps for writers on itunes. Im crazy for apps. I have apps for almost anything you can think of. They not only make life easier but they help to pass the time while waiting in line. Below, I’ve put together a list of apps on itunes that canContinue reading “The Ultimate List of Mobile Apps for Writers on iTunes”

A Weekly Writer’s Schedule

I previously talked about “How To Be a More Productive Writer”. In that article I listed 6 basic steps that help you attain the productivity needed to make your writing career a success. I briefly touched on the wonders of making lists and schedules. Today I want to talk more about… A Weekly Writer’s ScheduleContinue reading “A Weekly Writer’s Schedule”

What Can Pinterest Do For Writers?

  EVERYTHING! I love Pinterest. There was a time one could say I lived, ate, and breathed it. Now, writing has taken over that area of my life. However, I still turn to Pinterest, first, for all my writing needs. If you haven’t tried Pinterest yet, here is some basic information to get you started.Continue reading “What Can Pinterest Do For Writers?”

8 Steps to Writing a Novel

How to write a novel. Those 5 words have so many different answers that, as a newbie to the writing world, left me baffled. I clicked onto as many “How To” articles that my hungry little eyes could handle but after reading one and moving onto the next it would leave me confused and frustrated.Continue reading “8 Steps to Writing a Novel”