20 Romance Heroes Disguised as Villains

Everyone loves a hero but what about those heroes disguised as villains? Have you ever read a romance novel where the hero of the story was clearly a villain? I have and I admit, that type of “hero” is my favorite. Give me a man who is imperfect, real, rough around the edges but soft inContinue reading “20 Romance Heroes Disguised as Villains”

How To Write The Perfect Curve Loving Hero

The perfect curve loving hero is not a unicorn. He actually exists, to a certain degree, in real life. (I say to a certain degree because no one is truly perfect.) If this is true why is it so hard to write one? Because writing is just plain hard. Well, it is. It’s not easy,Continue reading “How To Write The Perfect Curve Loving Hero”

A List of Plus Sized Heroines and the Heroes That Love Them

We’ve all got our favorite couples in romance. Why they are our favorite is as varied as the reader. However, when someone sees a fictional couple as a favorite then you can guaranteed that the writer did their job. In order for there to be a favorite there has to be a connection between notContinue reading “A List of Plus Sized Heroines and the Heroes That Love Them”