Exercises and Apps That Help Keep Writers Healthy

Last year I went from being constantly active and on my feet as a full time Nanny/Daycare provider to spending most of the day behind a desk writing. It was a HUGE change in activity and boy did my body notice. I’m not talking about gaining weight, though I did (that’s to be expected whenContinue reading “Exercises and Apps That Help Keep Writers Healthy”

Writers Beware! An Unknown Pitfall for Obsessed Writers

O k, If I’m being honest then there are many pitfalls of being a writer right along with many benefits 🙂 It’s a double edged sword at times. However, there is one pitfall that has taken me by surprise. If you are one of my regulars you would know that I’ve been absent for overContinue reading “Writers Beware! An Unknown Pitfall for Obsessed Writers”