40 Lists To Soothe The Soul

40 Lists to make to help ease your anxiety and stress.

I Want To Hear From You

I’m back! Some of you know that I took time off from writing to help my husband through a very difficult time. However, I think it’s time to jump back into the thick of things. The itch to write is becoming too great to ignore. I’ve got some ideas floating around on what to talkContinue reading “I Want To Hear From You”

8 Plus Size & Body Positive Projects To Sink Your Teeth Into

Reading about body positivity and joining online groups that support loving yourself for who you are today is great but sometimes you want more. Instead of reading about a great event, product or movement you can help fund them and be in the know from the very beginning. Listed below are just a few projects thatContinue reading “8 Plus Size & Body Positive Projects To Sink Your Teeth Into”

Depression & The People That Love You

  Depression is real and it is not something to joke about. You can’t turn it off just because you want to or because someone insists you have nothing to be depressed about. Depression never goes away BUT with the help of therapy, friends and family it IS something you learn to live and dealContinue reading “Depression & The People That Love You”

10 Body Positive Audio Books to Drown Out Your Inner Critic

Listed below are 10 plus size, body confidence, and self compasion audio books that I currently have on my to-be-read list. If you’d like a little help in learning to love yourself check them out with me. If you’ve already had the pleasure of reading/listening to these let me know what you thought of it.Continue reading “10 Body Positive Audio Books to Drown Out Your Inner Critic”

Plus Size Women in Art

The plus size female body is a hot topic lately. There is a heated debate on whether it’s something to be accepted, shunned, or even revered. There is also discussions on whether you can be fat and healthy, fat and successful or dare I say it, fat and happy. Though the level of discussion on the topicContinue reading “Plus Size Women in Art”

Well, That Was Unexpected…

The last time you heard from me I mentioned a problem with my shoulder and arm. When I posted that update I honestly thought I’d be down for a week, maybe a week and a half. 25 days later and I feel like I’ve escaped the clutches of death itself! Ok, ok. That might beContinue reading “Well, That Was Unexpected…”

Do Men Who Prefer Plus Size Women Actually Exist?

If you’ve been around my blog then you know I’m all about body confidence no matter what your size is. I’m also all about embracing your body and learning to appreciate what you have right now, not what you hope to obtain in the future. This includes believing when someone else says “Damn woman youContinue reading “Do Men Who Prefer Plus Size Women Actually Exist?”

Does Your Appearance Really Make a Difference?

Yes. Appearance really does matter. I know it sucks to say that and it shouldn’t be that way but it does. If you think that you are the only person on earth who isn’t affected by appearance think again. Think back to the last homeless person you saw. What if that “homeless person” wasn’t reallyContinue reading “Does Your Appearance Really Make a Difference?”