54 Publishers Accepting Romance and Erotica Submissions

If you’ve got a Romance or Erotica manuscript ready to be published then check out this list of 54 Publishers open for submission.

44 Publishers Seeking Romance

Breaking out into the romance writing scene can be intimidating to say the least. You don’t just write a great love story, you also need to: Decide whether you are going to self publish or try the traditional route. If you choose the traditional route you need to figure out if you are going toContinue reading “44 Publishers Seeking Romance”

A List of 28 Publishers for Erotica and Romance

While researching Literary Agents that accept Romance and/or Erotica submissions I inadvertently came up with a list of Publishers that accept Romance and/or Erotic submissions as well. Shocker right? 😉 So, I thought I would share that list with you today in case you are on the hunt for a publishing house. *Reader Note* LiteraryContinue reading “A List of 28 Publishers for Erotica and Romance”