Authors Worthy of Admiration

Every writer has an author that: Never fails to inspire. Awakens the writing muse within us. Whom we look up to, hoping to emulate their success.   For me, I have three such authors. The Author Who Awoke The Writing Muse Within Me Karen Marie Moning It was midway through reading her Fever series that I realized IContinue reading “Authors Worthy of Admiration”

What Do Romance Readers Really Want?

What do romance readers really want? That is the million dollar question and as a writer it’s the one thing I’m always dying to know. What do my readers really want to see in the romance books they pick up? Of course there has been thousands of articles and books that have covered this topic fromContinue reading “What Do Romance Readers Really Want?”

Do You Leave a Book Review?

Book Reviews. Are they even worth the effort? I think they are. As a reader I turn to book reviews only after I’ve found a book I might be interested in.  I look for: How many stars someone gave it If it’s a low star (3 or lower) then I read the body of the reviewContinue reading “Do You Leave a Book Review?”

Diversity in Romance. Does that even exist?

Today is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. In honor of such I wanted to talk about a topic that, though talked about before, does not get nearly enough attention. However, before I get to that, let’s take a moment to learn about and refresh our memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. If you wouldContinue reading “Diversity in Romance. Does that even exist?”

365 Blog Post Ideas for Authors and Writers

  For The Fans/Readers Write reviews of books you’ve read for fun Write reviews of books you’ve read in the current genre you write in Write about what a typical day is like for you Talk about tips, tricks, and tools that help keep your life organized List story ideas you hope to tackle inContinue reading “365 Blog Post Ideas for Authors and Writers”

The Top Selling Amazon Kindle Authors and Publishers

    There’s a common tip that has been floating around the writing world since the beginning; Read. Read anything and everything but especially read within your genre. I touched on this subject already in a previous post titled “2013 RITA Winners” where I listed the winners, their book that won the award and theirContinue reading “The Top Selling Amazon Kindle Authors and Publishers”