Essential Books, Tools and Apps for a Successful Writing Career

First and foremost, the most important tool in my writing arsenal is Pinterest. Yes, you read that correctly. Pinterest is where I have a stash of writing articles I click on when I’m not sure I’m doing something correctly. It’s a place where I find inspiration for when I’m just starting out and worksheets thatContinue reading “Essential Books, Tools and Apps for a Successful Writing Career”

Depression & The People That Love You

  Depression is real and it is not something to joke about. You can’t turn it off just because you want to or because someone insists you have nothing to be depressed about. Depression never goes away BUT with the help of therapy, friends and family it IS something you learn to live and dealContinue reading “Depression & The People That Love You”

Exercises and Apps That Help Keep Writers Healthy

Last year I went from being constantly active and on my feet as a full time Nanny/Daycare provider to spending most of the day behind a desk writing. It was a HUGE change in activity and boy did my body notice. I’m not talking about gaining weight, though I did (that’s to be expected whenContinue reading “Exercises and Apps That Help Keep Writers Healthy”