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I am constantly writing and thinking up new stories to explore.

Check back here often to follow along with my current WIP’s (Works in Progress)

My Latest Work In Progress (WIP)

Title: Destiny Be Damned

Inspiration Collage for my upcoming book, "Destiny Be Damned"
Inspiration Collage for my upcoming book, “Destiny Be Damned”

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Estimated Word Count: 70,000

Current Progress: In Revision As of 2018!


Kristen, a curvy, sassy New Yorker has lived under the shadow of her overprotective father for far too long. With the help of her brutally honest best friend, Niki, she finds the motivation to break free. On the road to self discovery she journeys to South Dakota and becomes the neighbor of one hot blooded alpha male.

Takoda, a hard bodied native of the Sioux tribe, lives his life outside the reaches of his reservation. A hard worker who plays even harder, he has dedicated himself to capturing the beauty around him.

  • A destined meeting between them sets off a train reaction that neither can stop.
  • A discovery of a journal brings back memories of a mother long dead.
  • Lies, drama, and death await these two as they unwillingly race towards their destiny.
  • Sexual tensions build as they struggle to stay alive.

Will they each achieve what their heart most desires?

Join Kristen and Takoda as they come to grips with their overwhelming attraction for each other, the fateful events that tie them together and the lies that threaten to break them apart.

Get to know Kristen and Takoda some more along with the rest of Destiny Be Damned.

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