Who Ya Gonna Call….Ghostwriters!

Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghostwriters! Yup, your welcome ūüôā You will now have that theme song stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Hopefully you wont bust that verse out while stuck in line or in an elevator because that would be awkward…for you. Anyway, last Wednesday I posted “48 Celebrities WhoContinue reading “Who Ya Gonna Call….Ghostwriters!”

Prompt Your Imagination Into Overdrive

I’ve talked before about the art of keeping a writer’s notebook¬†¬†and how using prompts as an exercise can really build a writer’s creative muscles. Sometimes inspiration pours out of us and sometimes it doesn’t. Our muses can be fickle beasts. Writing prompts are a great way to keep us company while we are in aContinue reading “Prompt Your Imagination Into Overdrive”

It’s Official!!!

I finally took the leap and became an official member of ¬†RWA (Romance Writers of America)! I can already feel the RWA magic fairy dust rain upon me. …all my publishing dreams and wishes will come true… O k….maybe this isn’t quite as magical as I’m making it out to be but it is aContinue reading “It’s Official!!!”

To Be Detailed or Vague: That Is The Question

Everyone who writes a book needs to decide on its setting. A book’s setting is used to identify and establish the time, place and mood of the events in the story. Basically it’s the where, when and under what circumstances the story is taking place. So, the pressing questions are: Do you use a locationContinue reading “To Be Detailed or Vague: That Is The Question”

Writing Communities: From the General to the Genre Specific

Since starting this writing journey I’ve heard time and time again about the benefits of joining writing communities. I’ve taken the step once before to research them but there is just SO many that it made my head spin. Plus there’s always that feeling of, “Would I even really fit into this group?” or “DoContinue reading “Writing Communities: From the General to the Genre Specific”

Sex…Are you doing it right??

*Warning: This post is full of sex. If you are not 18 do NOT¬†read any further. If you are easily offended turn back, you have come to the wrong blog *   I write romances with curvy women who have great sex. Why? Because I’m a curvy woman who has great sex and I’m tiredContinue reading “Sex…Are you doing it right??”

How To Print on Index Cards and Post-It Notes

  Did you know that you can print on your index cards?¬† I don’t know about you but I don’t have the neatest handwriting and I tend to have more to write then I can manually fit onto one index card. If you have this problem too then this just might be your answer. IContinue reading “How To Print on Index Cards and Post-It Notes”

35 Links To Help You Research Your Novel

For some writers, research is a nasty 8 letter word that should not be¬†uttered in their presence. For others, research is one of the most exciting parts of writing a book. For most, whether you like to do research or not, it can drain¬†hours of your writing time leaving you to wonder if you areContinue reading “35 Links To Help You Research Your Novel”

22 Podcasts Every Writer Should Check Out

Hello, my name is Darla and I hoard podcast episodes. There, I admit it. I see a podcast that covers what I’m interested in and instead of listening to a preview of it or downloading just one episode I have to subscribe and download ALL episodes. As if that’s not bad enough, I then listenContinue reading “22 Podcasts Every Writer Should Check Out”

19 TED Talks That Will Inspire Writers

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you already know about the intellectual internet gem TED.com. In case you don’t know about this treasure trove of ideas and information here is some information: It’s a nonprofit, devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short , powerful talks. It began in 1984 as aContinue reading “19 TED Talks That Will Inspire Writers”