How To Treat Your Writing Like A Business

Writing is a magical journey that can lead us down paths of frustration, enlightenment and financial success…. Among other things. If you’re like me then you love to write but you’re ready to take your writing from “Hobby” to “Career”. Here is how to do it. Step 1: Think about what you want to write.Continue reading “How To Treat Your Writing Like A Business”

Do You Leave a Book Review?

Book Reviews. Are they even worth the effort? I think they are. As a reader I turn to book reviews only after I’ve found a book I might be interested in.  I look for: How many stars someone gave it If it’s a low star (3 or lower) then I read the body of the reviewContinue reading “Do You Leave a Book Review?”

Classes, Conferences, Conventions, Retreats and Workshops…Oh My!

The number 1 rule to writing well is to write often. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to write often in our daily lives. So what do we do when we can’t find the time to write but desperately need to? We hide ourselves away in a writer’s retreat. What’s a writers retreat? WritingContinue reading “Classes, Conferences, Conventions, Retreats and Workshops…Oh My!”

19 Fiction and Romance Writing Contests for 2015

There is nothing like a writing contest to either give you confidence to move on with your writing or give you doubts!  A writing contest, done right, will not only give you valuable feedback on what you are working on but will also give you the kind of exposure necessary to get your foot in theContinue reading “19 Fiction and Romance Writing Contests for 2015”

Exercises and Apps That Help Keep Writers Healthy

Last year I went from being constantly active and on my feet as a full time Nanny/Daycare provider to spending most of the day behind a desk writing. It was a HUGE change in activity and boy did my body notice. I’m not talking about gaining weight, though I did (that’s to be expected whenContinue reading “Exercises and Apps That Help Keep Writers Healthy”

Writing Goals, Desires of Organization and the Devices That Make It Possible

It’s a new year so that means a new list of writing goals. My top 5 Writing Goals for 2015 Finish polishing up Destiny Be Damned Enter into at least 1 writing competition Put feelers out for Literary Agents/Publishers Start writing holiday pieces and short stories Find a paying online writing gig I’ve got someContinue reading “Writing Goals, Desires of Organization and the Devices That Make It Possible”

The Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts About Writing

It’s 2015! Let’s kick it off with The Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts About Writing in 2014. 2014 was Musings from a Curvy Romance Writer’s first full year in operation and it was a wildly exciting ride! I’m so happy I took the leap and started blogging. Thank you all for being a partContinue reading “The Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts About Writing”

Dealing With Writer’s Guilt…

These past few days have been a blur of activity for me around my house. Without going into the boring specifics I’ll just say that.. “Life always seems to pile on more things that need to get done while giving you less time to do it all in.”  Unfortunately, and predictably, my writing has suffered. NotContinue reading “Dealing With Writer’s Guilt…”

Introducing Twitter Analytics!

Twitter Analytics has finally arrived!  Gone are the days of needing a 3rd party site to track clicks and engagement data from your twitter account to your website. Now all you need to do is go to Twitter Analytics to see a detailed report of the following: a “Dashboard” of your tweets from the last 28Continue reading “Introducing Twitter Analytics!”

Just How Much $$$ Can You Make Ghostwriting?

  For those of you just tuning in, this post is a continuation of a previous article, “Who Ya Gonna Call….Ghostwriters!“. In the previous article I explored what a ghostwriter was, why someone would use one, how to find them, how to hire them and surprising works that had been written by ghostwriters. Today, IContinue reading “Just How Much $$$ Can You Make Ghostwriting?”