Diversity in Romance. Does that even exist?

Today is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. In honor of such I wanted to talk about a topic that, though talked about before, does not get nearly enough attention. However,¬†before I get to that, let’s take a moment to learn about and refresh our memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. If you wouldContinue reading “Diversity in Romance. Does that even exist?”

48 Celebrities Who Wrote Fiction…Who Knew!?

As time goes on and I dive farther into this writing journey I’m finding out so many things I had no clue existed. Like, for instance there are celebrities/famous people who have written fiction! Sure, I knew there were markets drowning in non fiction works from famous people writing tell-all books about their life andContinue reading “48 Celebrities Who Wrote Fiction…Who Knew!?”

Have You Wasted Hundreds of Dollars on Kindle books?

Ok, so I can be a tab bit behind the times with current news and political views. I’ll be the first to admit this. So, please don’t laugh at me as¬†you read on. I just found out that the 210 ebooks I’ve bought since owning a Kindle are not really mine. I do not ownContinue reading “Have You Wasted Hundreds of Dollars on Kindle books?”