Romance Contest, Conferences, Conventions & Workshops 2016

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As an unpublished writer one of the best things you could ever do for your manuscript is to run it through a few contests before pitching it to literary agents and publisher.


Because, depending on how far your MS goes it will have been seen by a professional’s eyes and hopefully given feedback if it wasn’t good enough.

It is better to know now, if that novel isn’t quite ready before you send it to your dream agent or publisher.

If by chance you win, well that’s even better!

Some contests have publication as part of the prize but even if it doesn’t your novel will be seen by someone who is looking for that exact story.

Some other pluses for doing writing contests are:

  • Getting over that hurdle of letting other people read your work
  • Practicing following guidelines and submitting
  • Prizes!
  • Your book reaching readers you might not have reached on your own
  • Learning how to handle the fear of waiting
  • Learning how to handle rejection
  • Bragging rights if you win

Ok, so what about conference, conventions and workshops?

Have you ever been in a room of like-minded individuals where you are all working toward a similar goal?

Imagine being surrounded by people who love to write just like you, who are working on their writing and want to take it serious.

There is nothing better to boost inspiration, to learn new techniques and to create lasting connections then by attending a writing conference, convention or workshop.

Listed below will be all the Romance related contests for unpublished works, conferences, conventions and workshops I could find for 2016. I’ve included the name of the event and the date. Click on each name to learn more about it.

Anything involving the RWA (Romance Writers of America) and their chapters are open to non-members. 

If you are interested in contests and conferences that are not for the Romance genre check out the following:









Conferences & Workshops









Online Workshops




Stay Tuned

Wednesday @ 9am “2016 Romance Reader Events”

Friday9am “@2016 Plus Size Body Positive Events”

  • Do you know of a contest, conference, convention or workshop coming in 2016 that is not listed? If so leave the name, link and deadline date in the comment Let's Chat Graphicsection below.
  • Do you have experiences with contests, conferences, conventions and workshops? If so would you share it with us?
  • What is your opinion? Do you think contests, conferences, conventions and workshops are worth the time and money?


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