Join The Club: Facebook Groups for Plus Size & Body Confidence

41 Facebook Groups for Plus Size & Body Confidence

Deciding to no longer hate your body, to lift your self confidence and appreciate who and what you look like now is the best decision you could ever make.

However, making that decision and actually following through is one of the hardest things you will ever do.

It’s incredibly difficult to change the way you think about yourself and how other peoples perception of you affects your emotional state.

There will be days where it’s easy and you feel on top of the world.

There will be days where every other thought is something negative.

  • I hate myself
  • I look horrible. How can anyone be attracted to me.
  • I’m worthless
  • I’ll never accomplish anything in life

You get the picture.

It’s on days like these where a support system, no matter the size, is invaluable.

There are many places you can go to find support:

  • Your friends or family
  • Local support groups in your community
  • Internet community/forum groups.

You can also find support groups on social media.

For instance, there are a ton on Facebook. Listed below are 41 groups that I have found where you can go to safely talk about what being plus size means to you, your good and bad experiences, to hear the experience of others, to discuss topics related to your size, to learn about business that cater specifically to plus size people, etc…

Take your time checking out the groups listed to see if there is one just right for you. If you don’t find one, don’t give up. There is one out there for you.

  1. #PlusSizeScope with 238 members
  2. 30+, Fat & Fabulous with 221 members
  3. Anything + with 953 members
  4. Baddest Curvy Natives with 348 members
  5. Body Positive with 741 members
  6. Body Positive Athletes with 644 members
  7. Confessions of a Curvy Girl with 3,155 members
  8. Curvy Figures with 6,360 members
  9. Curvy Girl Guide: Curvy Girl The Community with 5,003 members
  10. Curvy Girls Social Fun and Chat with 762 members
  11. Fat & Weight Science with 281 members
  12. Fat Acceptance Cloud with 414 members
  13. Fat Babes Gettin It! with 73 members
  14. Fat Forward with 417 members
  15. Fat Lib with 368 members
  16. Fat-Positive Fitness & Wellness with 467 members
  17. Fat Studies with 1,504 members
  18. Fatlandia with 871 members
  19. FatSew with 315 members
  20. Flying While Fat with 2,303 members
  21. For Fats Sake with 5,562 members
  22. For the Love of Self, Joy and Success with 3,107 members
  23. Hello, Beautiful with 5,243 members
  24. Inked and Curvy Girls with 1,665 members
  25. Journey to Self Love Challenge with 11,039 members
  26. Learn to Love Yourself with 1,071 members
  27. Living Life Plus Size with 3,959 members
  28. My Self Image: a social experiment with 840 members
  29. Plus Confidence in You Group with 1,155 members
  30. Plus Size Acting Network with 225 members
  31. Plus Size and Proud with 19,101 members
  32. Plus Size- Bloggers and Youtubers with 101 members
  33. Plus Size Business to Business Network with 875 members
  34. Plus Size Net-Workers with 465 members
  35. Plus Size Pregnant Moms & After with 1,394 members
  36. Promoting Body Confidence for Women with 329 members
  37. Rad Fatties with 887 members
  38. Self Love Tribe with 202 members
  39. The Curvy Revolution with 12,609 members
  40. TooFat Uncensored with 308 members
  41. Women’s Self Love Project with 726 members

*The member counts are subject to change at any time due to new members arriving and old ones leaving.

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  • Have you made the decision to love who you are today? How has it been going for you?
  • Do you belong to a Facebook Group or any other type of support group for this?
  • What has been your most positive or negative experience with Body Confidence, Body Positivity and/or Self Love?
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I am a Contemporary Romance Writer for Curvy women and the men who love them.

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