Classes, Conferences, Conventions, Retreats and Workshops…Oh My!

A Database for classes conferences conventions retreats and writers workshops in 2015

The number 1 rule to writing well is to write often.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to write often in our daily lives.

So what do we do when we can’t find the time to write but desperately need to?

We hide ourselves away in a writer’s retreat.

What’s a writers retreat?

Writing Retreats are hosted events done with other writers and authors.


It can be a little slice of heaven that can be created where ever your imagination and wallet will allow.

The most important thing is to find a place and time dedicated to writing and being creative.

I know what your thinking, “It sounds nice but that’s just not possible for me.”

Yes it is. 

Ok, maybe not everyone can go to Scotland or Italy, or some tropical island retreat but we can all make our own little slice of heaven close to home.

  • You could rent a hotel room for a weekend. Just make sure the room has a mini fridge and microwave and your set.


  • You could rent a hotel room that comes with room service so that you don’t have to stop at all except to answer the door.


  • If your wallet wont allow a weekend hotel stay try 1 night.


  • If one night is still too much then create your weekend retreat at home. If you’ve got kids have them stay at a family members or friends house for the weekend. Unplug all your tv’s and silence your phone and then get to work.

There are plenty of ways to make a writing retreat possible no matter what money you’ve got to spend.


When it comes to perfecting the craft of writing there is still nothing better then the plain act of writing often. However, it’s always best to read up on the rules, techniques and practices used by the industry and the genre you write for.

One way to accomplish that is to read as many writing books as possible.

However, just reading the material will only get you so far.

If you want to take your writing to the next level you need to attend a few writing classes.


Because you get the benefit of real time learning with one on one question and answers.

You can take classes in person or online. The costs range from free to a sizable investment in your writing career. It’s up to you on how much you want to spend.

I suggest everyone take at least 2 classes a year.

I feel writing classes are an invaluable resource because not only do get real time knowledge of a specific element to your writing craft but you are usually being taught by someone who has been there and done that.

Plus you get the added bonus of being able to show them the work you’ve done and they could either give their opinion or even go as far as helping you fix any problem they might have seen.


So you’ve cultivated your writing by dedicating some time to it in the form of a writers retreat and by taking a few writing classes.

What’s next?

How about writing conventions?Introvert

I know, most of us writers are introverts and the idea of attending a convention in a place we aren’t familiar with surrounded by thousands if not more people who we don’t know is enough to make us shut and lock our doors forever.

But wait, it’s really not as bad as we fear. 

Every year an introvert like ourselves conquers their fear and attends a convention they’ve been dying to go to and announces to the world how exciting it was and not half as bad as they feared.

It’s true. 

The same could happen to you.

Conventions can be expensive. Almost as expensive as retreats. However they are invaluable for making connections in the writing world. Not only will you be surrounded by readers and fellow writers and authors but you will also be surrounded by agents, publishers, editors, book stores, etc….

Anyone who has a part in writing, publishing and selling a book will be there in some shape or form.

You career could really take off from the connection you can make at one of these. 

But that’s not all, there’s also classes and workshops, times where you can pitch the agents and publishers you wouldn’t normally have access too and a ton of free goodies.

Are you eager to see what writing retreates, conferences, conventions and classes are available in 2015?

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  • Have attended a retreat, residency or conference?
  • What kind of event would you love to attend if money was not a factor?

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    1. Thanks Mishka 😉

      If you’re looking for a writing getaway that doesn’t involve socializing in groups or taking part of seminars, classes and outings you should check out writing residencies. There are some really awesome ones out there and there’s even grant programs that can help you pay for it.


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