Exercising For Health VS Exercising To Be Skinny

Time and time again as we go through our lives we are told that in order to be healthy you must be skinny. A skinny person equals a healthy person. A fat person equals an unhealthy person. Right? Wrong! You can be skinny and unhealthy and you can be fat and healthy. But that’s notContinue reading “Exercising For Health VS Exercising To Be Skinny”

Does Reading A Book Exercise Your Mind?

Does Reading A Book Exercise Your Mind? Yes. Reading is the ultimate workout for the brain. Why? Because learning new things stimulates your mind. Intelligence depends on one’s ability to learn Reading expands your vocabulary Reading improves your communication skills Reading develops your analytical skills Reading boosts your memory Reading makes it easier for youContinue reading “Does Reading A Book Exercise Your Mind?”

Exercises and Apps That Help Keep Writers Healthy

Last year I went from being constantly active and on my feet as a full time Nanny/Daycare provider to spending most of the day behind a desk writing. It was a HUGE change in activity and boy did my body notice. I’m not talking about gaining weight, though I did (that’s to be expected whenContinue reading “Exercises and Apps That Help Keep Writers Healthy”