4 Questions + 4 Answers = My What, How and Why.

My friend Jen from Jen’s Pen Den asked me if I would like to take part in a Writer’s Blog Hop. Here is her blog post, “My Writing: The What, How and Why”. I’ve never taken part in one before but I’ve seen a few million lol So i figured, why not! The purpose ofContinue reading “4 Questions + 4 Answers = My What, How and Why.”

If Not Me, Who? If Not Now, When?

You’ve probably heard about Emma Watson’s speech that she gave at the UN regarding Feminism and Equality. If not, watch the video below. I promise it is worth your time. Let’s put aside Ms. Watson’s fame and celebrity status and just think about the words she said during this speech. She begins by stating thatContinue reading “If Not Me, Who? If Not Now, When?”

Who The Heck Fills These Things Out?

Hello everyone, I thought I would give you a sneak peek into” Love in Sioux Falls” (my current WIP) . Let’s get to know Kristen. She is our sassy curvy New Yorker who happens to be the heroine of the story. But don’t tell her that. She thinks love is a myth that people force themselvesContinue reading “Who The Heck Fills These Things Out?”

How To Make an Infographic

I love infographics! They are an extremely visual way of presenting facts that could otherwise be boring. Not to mention they are a great marketing tool. So, I decided now was the time to learn how to make one on my own and what better way to talk about it then in an infographic! OK,Continue reading “How To Make an Infographic”

30 Curvy Body Acceptance Websites That Will Help Build Confidence

Being fat has always been a lonely, negative feeling. Even when you are around other fat people, when you’re in a negative frame of mine, you see yourself as being the only sufferer. Life seems unfair, you feel like your unlovable and things can get very dark and depressing. Everywhere you turn you see, hearContinue reading “30 Curvy Body Acceptance Websites That Will Help Build Confidence”

A List of 28 Publishers for Erotica and Romance

** For an updated list check out 54 Publishers Accepting Romance and Erotica Submissions** While researching Literary Agents that accept Romance and/or Erotica submissions I inadvertently came up with a list of Publishers that accept Romance and/or Erotic submissions as well. Shocker right? 😉 So, I thought I would share that list with you todayContinue reading “A List of 28 Publishers for Erotica and Romance”

54 Literary Agents Accepting Romance & Erotica Submissions

If I want to be published the traditional route I know that I need to have a literary agent. So, I’ve compiled a list of 54 Literary Agents to learn more about. Anyone that is looking to publish traditionally will need a Literary Agent. There are some publishers who wont even look at a manuscriptContinue reading “54 Literary Agents Accepting Romance & Erotica Submissions”

Curvy Heroines and The Women Who Read Them

Hi I’m Darla, a passionate writer of curvy heroines that kick ass, live life to the fullest and love with every ounce of their being. Why do I choose to write about curvy heroines? Because I want to help other curvy women realize that they are beautiful, that they can kick ass and be lovedContinue reading “Curvy Heroines and The Women Who Read Them”

How To Be #1 in The Romance Book World

The #1 way to stay popular in the world of Romance Book World is to be talked about…often. Most avid readers will have a few reviewers that they follow and trust for honest opinions on a book and great book suggestions. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that the #1 way to stay on top of your nicheContinue reading “How To Be #1 in The Romance Book World”

12 Resources For Writers to Work From Home

Did you know it’s not only possible to earn extra income while writing from the comfort of your home but there’s a way to do it and be able to quit your day job? My family is currently in a state of financial flux. The time has come for my husband to finally resign fromContinue reading “12 Resources For Writers to Work From Home”