5 Content Idea Generators and What To Do With Them

5 Content Idea Generators and What To Do With Them

Have you heard about Content Idea Generators?

As a blogger, there will come a point where you find yourself scrambling to come up with your next blog post. It might be a regular occurrence or it might just be that you’ve exhausted all the obvious ideas and your drawing a blank.

Well, fear not my fellow bloggers I have discovered there are such things as Content Idea Generators!

You know me, I love a good idea generator to help boost my creativity as shown in my article,”35 Random Idea Generators for Writing A Romance Novel“.

Today, however we are talking about content idea generators for blog post/articles.

What is that, you might ask?

It is a generator that randomly pulls together a title for a possible blog post. Depending on the generator you use, you can get as simple or complex with your search as you like. When you stumble onto a title that jumps out at you ,and pertains to what your blog is about, you use that as a jumping off point for the article you are going to write.

I like to use Content Idea Generators to help me get inspiration for my running list of possible topics to discuss on my blog. You can learn more about my list on Monday where I will post my totally amazing, awe inspiring list of 365 Days of blog post ideas for writers and authors! 😉

Now onto my top 5 Favorite Content Idea Generators:

Content Forest

You will be prompted to enter a keyword that pertains to what you want to write about. From that key word they will pull up already existing articles that have that keyword in their title. The point is not to steal the titles but to gain inspiration from them to create a title and article of your own.

Content Idea Generator 

You will have to give them your name and email address for free access. Once you receive your sign on information you will have a quick questionnaire to fill out. The problem is, the questionnaire is geared toward people selling products and not books. However, if you are smart about how you answer each one, the list of ideas it generates for you at the end will be extremely helpful and well worth the time.

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

Here you will be prompted to enter three nouns that pertain to what you want to write about and then they will generate 5 possible blog title ideas. It’s simple, fast, and you can easily do it over and over again.

Link Bait Title Generator

Enter in your keyword or subject you want to write about and then click the style you want the article to be in and watch all the ideas appear on your screen.

*This one is the generator that usually gives me some really solid inspiration without taking too much of my time*

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Enter in your desired subject and watch the Titles appear within seconds. I love this generator too but i tend to waist more time on it then I should!


So, what if your creativity is so tapped out that you can’t even decide on a subject to write about?

Well, then your screwed.

Nah, not really.

Try the following tips to help get your groove back.

  • Use Google Suggest – Type keywords into the search bar and see, on the drop down menu, what people are looking up. The searches you see are found based on the highest monthly search volumes.
  • Look at the trending topics on twitter. Pick one and write an article talking about how it affects your industry, book genre, etc…
  • Look at a previous successful article and figure out a way to stem off of it or add more information to it. Check out this PDF, “How To Turn 1 Piece of Content Into 100”.
  • InboxQ – Search the twittersvere for questions people have been asking regarding your topic, subject, or industry by typing in 3 – 10 descriptive keywords that will generate a list.
  • Alltop – A one stop shop to find all the hottest topics being talked about. Bonus is you can personalize your search to look for certain keywords which could end up taking hours of endless search time off your hands.
  • Google Insights – A place where you can find the top searches, hottest topics, and what is currently trending on Google.


In the end, you can really find inspiration for your next article anywhere but hopefully some of the options I suggested will help you out of a jam one day.

Just remember, there are endless things to talk about. Even if you think its been talked to death there is always someone who has never even heard about it.

Not every blog post is going to be a trending article but you can bet your ass that there is going to be someone out there who is grateful you wrote it.


Have you run into a blogging brick wall before?

What did you do to pull yourself up and keep yourself going?




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4 thoughts on “5 Content Idea Generators and What To Do With Them

  1. I’ve played with them, but I’ve never used one to make a story. I have gotten great ideas from flash fiction prompts though.


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