An Infographic Guide To The Perfect Social Media Post

I stumbled onto a great infographic that breaks down what the perfect post would be for the different popular Social Media platforms out there today.

So, i decided to keep today’s blog post short and sweet and just share it with you all. I hope you find it as useful as I did.

My only warning is that the section that highlights the best and worst times to post at each site are pretty different from other graphs I’ve read.

I first saw this infographic in a post by Kristin Piombino on Entrepreneur titled “A Guide to Perfect Social Media Posts

The Infographic was designed by MyCleverAgency.

Check back on Friday where I talk about Content Idea Generators and Making a Posting Schedule.



Did you find this infographic helpful?

Are you a fan of infographics?

Do you have a favorite one you refer back to time and again? If so what is it about?



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