Writers Beware! An Unknown Pitfall for Obsessed Writers

O k, If I’m being honest then there are many pitfalls of being a writer right along with many benefits 🙂 It’s a double edged sword at times. However, there is one pitfall that has taken me by surprise. If you are one of my regulars you would know that I’ve been absent for overContinue reading “Writers Beware! An Unknown Pitfall for Obsessed Writers”

It’s Official!!!

I finally took the leap and became an official member of  RWA (Romance Writers of America)! I can already feel the RWA magic fairy dust rain upon me. …all my publishing dreams and wishes will come true… O k….maybe this isn’t quite as magical as I’m making it out to be but it is aContinue reading “It’s Official!!!”

To Be Detailed or Vague: That Is The Question

Everyone who writes a book needs to decide on its setting. A book’s setting is used to identify and establish the time, place and mood of the events in the story. Basically it’s the where, when and under what circumstances the story is taking place. So, the pressing questions are: Do you use a locationContinue reading “To Be Detailed or Vague: That Is The Question”