Shell Shocked: The Life of a Mother with a Teenage Daughter

Yesterday (Thursday, May 29th) was my daughters 13th birthday. That’s right folks, I am now officially a mother to a teenage girl. God help me! We spent the day like we always do, having a Mother-Daughter date day at the mall. I unwisely thought that I could put off writing today’s blog post for whenContinue reading “Shell Shocked: The Life of a Mother with a Teenage Daughter”

Sex…Are you doing it right??

*Warning: This post is full of sex. If you are not 18 do NOT┬áread any further. If you are easily offended turn back, you have come to the wrong blog *   I write romances with curvy women who have great sex. Why? Because I’m a curvy woman who has great sex and I’m tiredContinue reading “Sex…Are you doing it right??”

It’s Summertime!

It is officially summer time in our household! The kids last day of school was Wednesday of last week hence the lack of blog posts. We were running around like chickens with our┬áheads cut off trying to attend all the field days, award ceremonies, class picnics, and turning everything back in that some how foundContinue reading “It’s Summertime!”