What the Heck is a Twitter Chat?

Twitter Chats for Writers

Have you heard about Twitter Chats?

I had briefly heard them mentioned but had never understood what they were until I accidentally stumbled onto one while browsing my twitter feed. I replied to a post that one of my Twitter friends posted and in turn ended up crashing a twitter chat (whoops!). When I realized what I had done and what I was now in the middle of, that old high school anxiety of “Will I be excepted? Will they like me? Will I make a fool of myself?” came rushing through me, full force. Of course, my fears were unwarranted and they welcomed me with open arms. I quickly got the hang of the chat and actually had a lot of fun and made some new twitter friends. After it ended I was eager to learn more about them so that I could chat it up on a regular basis.

Twitter Chat is a live interactive conversation between twitter users.

It’s held on a predetermined date and time with a predetermined #hashtag used to connect every ones tweets.

The chats can be a one time deal or occur on a weekly or monthly basis.

There is usually a moderator to direct the flow of the conversation.

Anyone can participate and you can follow along on your twitter feed or by using a site like:

TweetChat – A program that helps you follow a single twitter chat without distraction

ChatSalad – The real-time homepage for twitter chats that will also give you SMS reminders about your favorite chats.

Nurph – A home for your twitter hashtags with real time group chat, events planning, RSVP’s and more.

Twitter chats can be about anything at all. Here are some twitter chats I found that pertain to writing/books and take place on a weekly basis.


  • #LitChat – 4pm
  • #WritersRoad – 9pm


  • #BlackBookChat – 8:30pm
  • #KidLitChat – 9pm


  • #LitChat – 4pm
  • #EditorChat – 8:30pm
  • #YALitChat – 9pm
  • #MemoirChat – 8pm


  • #Bookmarket – 4pm
  • #Poetry – 10pm


  • #KindleChat – 12noon
  • #SciFiChat – 2pm
  • #FollowReader – 4pm
  • #LitChat – 4pm
  • #SteampunkChat – 9pm


  • #RomanceChat – 4pm
  • #WriteChat – 3pm


  • #Scriptchat – 8pm
  • #FantasyChat – 8pm
  • #TVWriterChat – 9:30pm

There are many more twitter chats taking place every day. Take the time to search for ones in your area of interest. I promise you wont regret it!

Do you follow or participate in any Twitter Chats? If so, what is your favorite one? 


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I am a Contemporary Romance Writer for Curvy women and the men who love them.

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