Getting to know Takoda…


Last week everyone got a sneak peek into who Kristen was in “Love in Sioux Falls”.

This week I thought I would introduce you all to Takoda, the object of every woman’s desires and the reluctant hero of this story.

In order to be fair I decided he should fill out the same questionnaire as Kristen did. This is what came of that little exercise:


Takodas Questionnaire


Yeah…can you say, “I am man, hear me roar!”?

Without meaning to, Takoda described himself better then any questionnaire ever could. He is a man of very few words. He doesn’t talk on and on about anything, least of all himself. That doesn’t mean he is cold or conceited. In fact, he’s very open and loyal to those he trusts and loves.


As an outsider looking in Takoda seems like a man who is use to getting his way, who know’s he’s practically irresistible to women and doesn’t mind that one bit. However, once you break through that outer shell you realize he’s a man of strong morals who will do anything for his family and friends. He’s not one to sugar coat, anything, but he will always be honest with you, whether you want him to or not.

At 28 he’s pretty set in his idea that love makes you weak and vulnerable. Two things he promised himself he would never be.

It’s pretty interesting what fate has in store for these two characters.

Of course, if you ask them, they would tell you that there is no such thing as fate.

Check out my inspiration board on Pinterest: WIP Inspiration: Love in Sioux Falls for pictures of the man who inspired Takoda and some insights into how he sees the world.

4 Questions + 4 Answers = My What, How and Why.

I Write Fiction What's Your Super Power

My friend Jen from Jen’s Pen Den asked me if I would like to take part in a Writer’s Blog Hop. Here is her blog post, “My Writing: The What, How and Why”.

I’ve never taken part in one before but I’ve seen a few million lol So i figured, why not!

The purpose of this particular blog hop is to get to know your fellow writers by accepting an invitation from a writer friend of yours, answering the 4 questions however you see fit and passing it on to how ever many other writers that want to participate.

I decided to do things a little differently. {big shocker right?!}

 Instead of sending out formal invitations to my fellow writers (mainly because I forgot to) I thought, why not make it an open invitation! This way there is no pressure or expectation.

If you like what you read below and find you want to share your “What, How and Why’s” then just leave me a comment and I will add a link to your blog post, website and/or twitter account.

At this point you’re probably asking yourself, “What’s the point?”

The point is whatever you want it to be.

  • This can be just a fun “get to know me” exercise
  • A marketing strategy to send viewers to your blog, website and social media accounts that might not have done so on their own,
  • Or a “productive” way to waste time, time that you should be using to write but your writing muse is either on strike or refuses to play nice.

So, without further ado, here are my 4 questions and answers.

(1) What are you working on?

I’m currently working on “Love in Sioux Falls” a Romantic Suspense with a curvy twist.

(2) How does your work differ from others of it’s genre?

Currently my work straddles a few genres Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense and Interracial Romance. However, I feel it’s set apart from the masses because I focus solely on plus size heroines who are not ashamed of their bodies.

(3) Why do you write what you do?

I write what I write for a lot of reasons.

  • Because I am plus size and sexy and not ashamed 
  • Because I grew up with people telling me I should be ashamed
  • Because I am tired of reading about perfect heroines with perfect bodies
  • Because I am tired of reading about plus size heroines who spend the whole book trying to figure out how a man could be attracted to them
  • Because I like sex…a lot ;-)

(4) How does your writing process work?

Currently, it works slowly…very slowly.

I outline and plan obsessively, then I loose myself in research FOR MONTHS, once I find my way out of that rabbit hole I start to write. The first draft doesn’t take too long because I just type. No editing or rereading allowed. However, once the revision stage hits, I’ve found that I’ve got quite a mess on my hands and end up stuck in revision hell for the unforeseeable future.

Which is where I’ve been now for, well I’ve lost track of how many months its been. I think maybe somewhere around 5!

So, I’m sending out a formal SOS to all my writing friends. HELP! I’m at the point of either giving up on this book or almost rewriting the whole thing.

What do you do when you realize your plots aren’t strong enough to carry a suspense?

* Don’t forget, if you want to answer and share your own What, How and Why with your fellow writers, leave me a comment below and I will edit this blog post to include your links. *

Check out ….

A Chronicle of Karma and her story of why she writes, what started her on that path and her advice to new writers.

If Not Me, Who? If Not Now, When?

j a n u a r y

You’ve probably heard about Emma Watson’s speech that she gave at the UN regarding Feminism and Equality. If not, watch the video below. I promise it is worth your time.

Let’s put aside Ms. Watson’s fame and celebrity status and just think about the words she said during this speech.

She begins by stating that the word Feminism has become hated and synonymous with bashing men.

I agree. Without thinking too deeply about it my knee jerk reaction to the word is a joke. It’s a description of a woman who is somewhat crazy, bitchy and hates men.

Now before you start poking me with your “pitchforks” let me finish.

She went on to describe what feminism means and that we might actually stand for what it believes in without even realizing it.

That’s when my “aha” moment happened.

In all my 32 years I have always thought that since I love fashion, romance and all the “girly” things in life that anything having to do with feminism had nothing to do with me. I knew from an early age that my strongest desire was to raise a family. I thought that since my aspiration in life was to stay at home, to be there mentally and physically for my husband and children that I was the opposite of a feminist. I just wasn’t that “type” of person. So in that line of thinking I never actually read up on what feminism meant, what it means to be a feminist and I only had a basic knowledge of its causes.

After hearing Emma describe, in her terms, what it means I realized that I was in my own way.

I believe in equal rights among the sexes. If a woman chooses to have a career outside of the home she should be able to pursue that and if a man wants to be the parent that stays home and takes care of his kids and emotionally supports his wife he should be able to without being ridiculed.

I feel that both men and women should have the right to express their emotions without fear of being made fun of. When you try to hide the emotions inside of you, it builds up over time and becomes a sort of poison that will only do you harm.

I feel it’s absurd that women get paid less for the same job a man performs. Just like it’s absurd for two people of the same sexes working the same job to get paid a different wage because the color of their skin.

As I sat and listened to her entire speech I felt that the #heforshe campaign touched not only on feminism but on the idea that we need to stop hating on each other (whether its through sex, race, or body size) and start lifting each other up. You know, all that Kumbaya crap ;-)

But really, hating on each other, putting others down, does nothing to improve our lives. The sooner we acknowledge that and believe it as truth the better off we will be.

Whether your are a feminist, a body positive supporter, or just a spreader of love and peace we all want the same thing; Love and acceptance for who we are and the end of hatred to those who are different then us.

If you take anything away from her speech let it be that feminism is not a dirty word and on the flip side neither is the phrase “like a girl”. Watch this video below to see what I mean.

Who The Heck Fills These Things Out?


Hello everyone, I thought I would give you a sneak peek into” Love in Sioux Falls” (my current WIP) .

Let’s get to know Kristen. She is our sassy curvy New Yorker who happens to be the heroine of the story. But don’t tell her that. She thinks love is a myth that people force themselves to believe in when they get lonely. Yeah, she’s got some issues.

I decided to let her fill out a questionnaire and post it here so that you can get a feel for who she really is. Enjoy!

  1. What is your name? Kris Do you have a nickname? Just call me Kris.
  2. What color is your hair? Brown Your Eyes? um. Greenish…I guess. I don’t know! I don’t stare at them all day long!
  3. What kind of distinguishing facial features do you have? Ha! At first I thought that said “disgusting”…. I have a face…. it’s plain and boring
  4. Do you have a birthmark? Nope Where is it? I. Don’t. Have. One. What about scars? Do emotional ones count??  How did you get them? From life
  5. Who are your friends and family? Niki and Niki Who do you surround yourself with? Niki Who are the people you are closest to? Niki Who do you wish you were closest to? Mark Wahlberd…The Calvin Klein years! Oh yeah baby, show me them tighty whities! 
  6. Where were you born? In a hospital Where have you lived since then? Here on Earth Where do you call home? New York Baby!
  7. Where do you go when your angry? The Fridge….shut up. Don’t judge!
  8. What is your biggest fear? That this questionnaire will never end… Who have you told this to? You. Who would you never tell this to? Everyone Why? Because I don’t want people to think I’m lame enough to waste time filling out shit like this. 
  9. Do you have a secret? If I do I wouldn’t tell you …. because it’s a S.E.C.R.E.T. 
  10. What makes you laugh out loud? Niki trying to act like an adult
  11. When have you been in love? Love is overrated  Had a broken heart? You’d have to let someone in to have a broken heart and I’m never going to let that happen. 
  12. What is in your refrigerator right now? Last night’s dinner… Pizza. other then that I could care less. On your bedroom floor? Crap that I’m too lazy to put away On your nightstand? A book I wish I was reading right now instead of doing this. In your garbage can? Um…Trash?! Who asks questions like this!?
  13. Look at your feet. OK Describe what you see there. I see pillars of strength that carry me through this hard existence called life. Oh wait, no, I just see my feet. 
  14. When you think of your childhood kitchen, what smell do you associate with it? Why? Strawberry Pancakes. Shit! Now I’m hungry.
  15. You are doing intense spring cleaning. HA! Yeah Right. What is easy for you to throw out? What is difficult for you to part with? Why?
  16. It’s Saturday at noon. No, it’s Wednsday morning actually. What are you doing? Wishing I was in bed reading my book…
  17. You’re getting ready for a night out. Where are going? If I’m getting ready for a night out then that means that Niki is forcing me which means I’m about to enter into the boughs of humanity… a club. What are you wearing? Knowing Niki, something too short and too tight. Cause “you can’t show up in a club without showing off all the goods!” Who will you be with? Did a guy make this questionnaire because your listening skills are crap!
  18. What is one strong memory that has stuck with you from childhood? Why is it so powerful and lasting? OK, yup. Time to leave. I’m not going there with you or anyone else. 


Well folks, that’s our Kristen. Witty, sarcastic and hater of anything other then her best friend, pizza and her books.

She doesn’t know it yet but life’s about to get a wee bit more interesting lol and that heart of hers might not be as safe as she thought.

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of “Love in Sioux Falls”!

*Side Note* – I’m thinking of changing the title to “Destiny Be Damned!”. However, I will wait till I’ve climbed the revision mountain and reread the entire story to see what works best.

Who know’s, it might all come down to a vote! lol

If you want to know more about the life and people of “Love in Sioux Falls, check out my story inspiration board on Pinterest:

WIP Inspiration: Love In Sioux Falls

BTW – I got the inspiration for the questionnaire at WriteWorld (a tumblr blog dedicated to helping writers).

How To Make an Infographic

I love infographics!

They are an extremely visual way of presenting facts that could otherwise be boring. Not to mention they are a great marketing tool.

So, I decided now was the time to learn how to make one on my own and what better way to talk about it then in an infographic!

How To Make An Infographic

OK, lets break this down a bit more.

Before you even begin to construct your infographic you need to do the following:


  • Have a solid idea that is not only relevant to your audience but covers a topic that is in demand or trending.
  • Do some research. Once you have your idea, gather as much info on the subject that you can and then check to see if anyone else has made an infographic about it.
  • If someone has, don’t worry. You can still make yours, just make sure your infographic offers something that the others did not and that it catches the eye better.
  • Decide how you want to present this idea. Do you want to be informal or educational? You need to decide if you want to include trusted facts and/or statistics or if you just want to give your opinion on it.
  • Figure out from your research on other infographics how you want your infographic to look, what the layout and colors should be and the best size for how you are going to share it.

Now it’s time for the fun part!


Step 1 – Sign up with Canva. It’s a program that is free and offers an extremely user-friendly way to create amazing designs for the following:

  • Album/Podcast Cover
  • Social Media
  • Presentation
  • Poster
  • Facebook Cover
  • Facebook Post
  • Blog Graphic
  • Document
  • Card
  • Twitter Post
  • Invitation
  • Business Card
  • Twitter Header
  • Pinterest
  • Real Estate Flyer
  • Google+ Cover
  • Kindle Cover
  • Photo Collage
  • Facebook Ad
  • Facebook App

Step 2 – Click “Custom Designs” and enter the exact dimensions you need. A good size for an infographic is 600 x 1,800. For more detailed information that mentions which sizes work with which social media site check out this article from InfoGraphicDesignTeam, “Even Infographics Have Size Standards“.

Step 3 – Click the “BKGROUND” tab to select the background color of your infographic. There are free and paid backgrounds to choose from. Every graphic and image that requires payment to use cost only $1.

*Tip: If you are stuck on what color palettes to use you can go to the Canva Blog and do a search for color palettes. 

Step 4 – Click the “Layout” tab to select a layout to use or you can design freely on the blank template. Remember that while designing you can zoom in or out as much as you need.

Step 5 – Click the “Search” tab to select images and graphics to add to your infographic. When you are in the search column don’t enter anything in the search field. Scroll down to see the categories they have. Each category offers free and paid images and graphics. If you don’t see what you are looking for you can enter the term in the search field and see what comes up or upload your own. All graphics can be easily customized with your color palette and preferred font.

*Tip: If you want to make sure everything is symmetrical and you want to save time, copy any graphics and bodies of text that repeat. 

Step 6 – Make sure everything flows on the chart and catches the eye. The colors need to be appealing, the font needs to be readable and the graphics need to enhance the piece, not clutter it up.

Step 7 – Proofread everything and recheck any facts or statistics. Canva has a great feature where it will spellcheck as you go along in the design process and it also automatically saves each and ever change made to the infographic.

Step 8 – Don’t forget to include your name and website address. That way everyone knows who made the infographic and hopefully it will help drive traffic to your website. Also, remember to include any resources you used while gathering data on the topic.

*Tip: You can improve your infographic’s reach even more if you let your resources know that you used them for the infographic and linked back to there website or social media account. 

Step 9 – Click the “Download” tab and embed the infographic in a blog post to promote it. Then, share it across all your social media sites.

*Tip: Google reads an infographic like an image. Therefore, you can’t just have an infographic as a blog post, you need to add relevant keywords in the body of the post.

If you learn better by seeing instead of reading, check out Kimberly Ann Jimenez’s YouTube video where she walks you through the process of creating an infographic on Canva:

How To Create Infographics (The Ultra-Simple & Easy Way)

Information about my Infographic:

  • This infographic was the first one I made. EVER. is just that easy and user-friendly.
  • I used the color combination called “Modern California” as recommended by the Canva blog. The color codes are F16A70 , FFE5BC, DDF9D9 , ADD9FE
  • I used fonts; ALEGREYA SMALL CAPS sz12, Alike sz8, Exo Thin sz8.

30 Curvy Body Acceptance Websites That Will Help Build Confidence

30 Curvy Body Acceptance Websites That Will Help Build Confidence

Being fat has always been a lonely, negative feeling.

Even when you are around other fat people, when you’re in a negative frame of mine, you see yourself as being the only sufferer.

Life seems unfair, you feel like your unlovable and things can get very dark and depressing.

Everywhere you turn you see, hear or read something that says you are worthless, you are lazy, you are undesirable, you are not worth it.

For some reason when in the presence of someone else who is fat we don’t seek acceptance from each other or understanding. We sit back and compare our body to theirs in hopes that they are worse off. I don’t know why this happens.

It’s sad really, because it takes a lot for a fat person to socialize out in public for fear of being ridiculed and shamed.

It wasn’t until the ease of internet access and chat rooms that gave us the opportunity to socialize through our computers. To compare our despair and negative thoughts towards ourselves under the protective blanket anonymity.

However, with the invention of chat rooms came trolls who entered to live out a fetish of theirs.

As time went on, blogging and forums became the norm and we started to feel more connected to each other.

It was a safer environment to express how we truly felt and a magical thing happened. We found support and encouragement within each other.

Strong friendships were made and many people were able to turn their lives of despair into lives of hope.

Then, of course,  the trolls came again trolling onto open forums and websites spewing hatred and bigotry for fun. There are even whole websites dedicated to fat shaming like we don’t get enough of that through everyday media. 

You would think after being repeatedly attacked in real life and online that we fat people would just shrink into the shadows again never to come out. But that didn’t happen.

No, something absolutely amazing  happened! The strongest and loudest of us stood up and declared “Enough is Enough” and proudly faced the trolls of the internet, media and in real life, letting them know we are done taking the abuse. 

They showed them that we will not live in shame just because our bodies do not fit the size society thinks we should be.

A body, no matter how big or small, is a wonderful thing and we are finally starting to spread the message:

Find a way to accept your body the way it is, the love for yourself will soon follow.

When you love yourself, incredible things can happen:

  • It will no longer matter what other people think or say.
  • Instead of being insecure and hating yourself for it, you will stand confident in your body and your worth.

Happiness isn’t achieved when you finally attain that “perfect size” it’s achieved when you finally accept who you are and fully embrace it, fat and all.

Don’t isolate yourself from the friendship and support that is out there because you are afraid of being judged or ridiculed.

Stand strong, let the world know you exist and that it is OK.

Look for communities to join, blogs to follow and forums to participate in. 

It’s incredibly important to not only connect out in the real world but online as well.

Today, I am going to share 30 blogs/websites that I’m currently enjoying that bring me confidence and courage to love my curves.


The Curvy Fashionista 
Determined to show the fashion world and fellow plus size women that we CAN don the latest and greatest of trends, fashions and styles, The Curvy Fashionista delivers the goods to fashion your curves covering the latest in fashion, news, trends, interviews, tips, entertainment, and the Plus-Size community.

The Militant Baker
I strive to provide a place in the blogosphere that offers fresh and colorful perspective on what is presented as normal to those immersed in our gender bent, body loathing society. I love that the internet is an open forum and the only media that doesn’t have a universal one-sided skew. You have to sift through a lot of shit on the internet, but you can also find gems. I hope this is a gem for you.

Brittany Herself: Curvy Girl Guide
Brittany, Herself features fashion, brutally raw body talk, food and embedded tumblr.
The site has a blog, a community, a google talk show, and spin offs from her husband.

Curvy Yoga
a training & inspiration portal for yoga students and teachers of all shapes and sizes who want a body positive practice that supports them in exploring what body acceptance means to them.

Girl With Curves 
A Tumblr blog that is a top source of style inspiration for curvy women worldwide. With a passion to make women feel confident and beautiful, Awasthi is a style influencer on a mission, and a leader in the body confidence movement.

Our Bodies Our Selves
Our Bodies Ourselves (OBOS) is a nonprofit, public interest organization that develops and promotes evidence-based information on girls’ and women’s reproductive health and sexuality.
This is an organizations website that also offers a blog

Fierce Freethinking Fatties 
Fierce, Freethinking Fatties covers the issues surrounding obesity, including society’s treatment of fat people, Health at Every Size, the myths of long-term weight loss, and weight discrimination. We invite vigorous dissent, but have a zero tolerance policy toward assholes looking to spew hatred and ignorance.

Garnerstyle: The Curvy Girl Guide
A Fashion Blog for plus size women fun by a plus size fashion stylist.

Curves and Chaos 
Curves and Chaos™ is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog for the CURVY (plus size) woman. She is glamorous, fabulous, foxy, confident, and more.

Dances With Fat
A blog about dancing at any size, size acceptance and health at ever size.

Plus Size Princess 
Hi, my name is CeCe and I chronicle my adventures as a Plus Size Princess in New York City on this site! Click around to find my favorite plus size fashion styles, plus size shopping sites… and of course I love to talk about plus size dating so you can find lots of dating stories here too.

Body Love Wellness 
The websites aim is to empower plus sized women to live their best, most joyful lives, free of stress and shame over what they eat and what they weigh.

Curvy Girl Chic 
Curvy Girl Chic is a plus size fashion blog full of outfit posts, product reviews, trend and shopping spotlights, and discourse on current events in the fashion community.
A professionaly photographed fashion blog .

Arched Eyebrow 
The blog talk about plus-size fashion and take a body-positive engagement with the fat form.

Busty Girl Comics 
300 comics about the perks & problems of having boobs. Always body-positive and never more revealing than a bikini.

Curvy Wordy 
a plus size fashion and lingerie blog. One woman’s quest to find lingerie and stylish clothing to suit her extremely voluptuous hourglass figure.

The Fat Nutritionist 
I educate people about healthy eating. I’m not here to give you a stern talking-to about your weight, or your eating habits, or your lack of exercise. I can help you get to a friendly place with food and your body.

The Curvy and Curly Closet
Through this blog, I share my journey through fashion as a plus size woman living in Paris and travelling between Africa, Europe and the United-States.

Pretty Plus Size 
This is a Pretty Plus Size blog about curvy, thick, voloptuous, full figured, fat, etc.

The Fat and Skinny on Fashion 
This blog was founded as a hobby to showcase photography, music, fashion news, and art from the perspective of a plus size fashion journalism graduate student.

Grown and Curvy Woman 
Where style has no age or size. A curvy woman seeking to show other plus size divas that WE too have style and DO NOT need to compromise our integrity to look good
A blog where she regularly posts fashionable outfits for plus sized women and tells you where to buy the pieces.

Curvy is the New Black 
I’m Karla Soltero a full figured lady trying to fit in a petite world. Born in El Paso,Tx raised in Cd. Juarez, Chih. MX English isn’t my first language. Es Español.
She posts pictures through instagram, shares outfit ideas and songs that she likes.

Operation Beautiful 
The mission of Operation Beautiful is to post anonymous notes in public places for other people to find. The point is that WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL. You are enough… just the way you are!

Adios Barbie 
Adios, Barbie: The One Stop Body Image Shop for Identity Issues including Size, Race, Media, and More!
They blog about activism, aging, body image, disabilities, eating disorders, gender roles, LGBTQ, the media, race & culture, sexuality and size.

A community group blog that is a diverse fat-positive, anti-racist, disabled-friendly, multi-gendered, queer-flavored, politically-engaged community, open to everyone

Hems For Her 
A plus size fashion blog whith funy stories and talk about the real life.

Extra Large As Life 
A place to share my love of fashion and my belief of being plus size positive.

Curvy Ceo 
The Life and style guide for the plus-size profressional woman. Curvy CEO is your portal for fashion, style, and beauty advice with tips for professional and personal development sprinkled in for good measure. Bubbling over with humor and wit, Curvy CEO will help the plus-sized career gal bust through that glass ceiling and look effortlessly fabulous at the same time.
The site offers a blog, a list of curvy shops, events, links, products, styling services and tips and tricks.

Fat Chic 
Fat Chic focuses on plus size fashion – starting with what’s available on the market right now. After the clothing, it’s about plus size women – especially women creating, performing, engaging or just plain being awesome. Whether it’s a plus size athlete or a fat positive activist, these women are what makes Fat Chic what it is.

Fat Heffalump 
My name is Kath and I’m a fat activist. I talk about life as a fat person and work towards obtaining the basic human right for fat people to live their lives in peace, dignity and with respect, without fear of vilification, ridicule or discrimination. This space is a fat positive space. Fat hate and shaming will not be tolerated. Proselytising of diets or weight loss is not welcome.

A List of 28 Publishers for Erotica and Romance

A List of 28 Publishers for Erotica and Romance

While researching Literary Agents that accept Romance and/or Erotica submissions I inadvertently came up with a list of Publishers that accept Romance and/or Erotic submissions as well. Shocker right? ;-)

So, I thought I would share that list with you today in case you are on the hunt for a publishing house.

*Reader Note* Literary Agency and Publishing House websites are good resources to browse the newest books in the genre’s that you love. So while you may not be looking for an agent or even have a book to publish you can still utilize them. My suggestion would be to find a few books you really loved, check inside to see who published it and look them up. Odds are they have more books like it waiting for you to discover.

Without further ado let’s get to the list. It goes without saying that just because they appear on this list doesn’t mean you should trust them no questions asked. Always do you your homework and check Writer Beware, Peditors & Editors, and Writers Weekly Whispers & Warnings.

I obtained the following information from Writers Digest: Writers Market and Every Writers Resource: Book Publishing Companies.


(1) Blushing Books
Pays Royalties
Pays an advance

(2) Bold Strokes Books, Inc
Publishes trade paperback originals and reprints, electronic originals and reprints.
Sliding scale based on sales volume and format
Pays an advance
Needs: Erotic and Romance

(3) Cedar Fort, Inc
Publishes hardcover, trade paperback originals and reprints, mass market paperback and electronic reprints.
Pays 10-12% royalty on wholesale price.
Pays $2,000-50,000 advance.
Needs: Romance


Publishes paperback originals, reprints, and e-books in a POD format.
Pays royalty of 7% minimum, 35% maximum.
Pays an advance
Needs: Erotica and Romance

(5) Crescent Moon Publishing

Publishes hardcover and trade paperback originals.
Pays royalties
Pays negotiable advance.
Needs: Erotica

(6) Dragon Moon Press
Pays royalties
Pays an Advance
Needs: Romance

(7) Egmont USA
Pays an advance

(8) Fantastic Book Publishing
Publishes trade paperback, electronic originals, and audiobooks
Pays 40-100% on wholesale price
No advance.
Needs: Erotica and Romance


Publishes trade paperback originals.
Pays 10-15% royalties on retail price.
Offers an advance between $100-1,000
Needs: Romance

(10) Harlequin BOOKS
Publishes hardcover, trade paperback, and mass market paperback originals.
Pays royalty
Pays advance
Needs: Romance

(11) Imajinn Books
Pays Royalties
Pays an advance


Publishes hardcover, trade paperback, mass market, and electronic originals, trade paperback and mass market reprints
Pays 5-17% royalty on retail price
Offers $1,500-$125,000 advance
Needs: Erotica and Romance

Publishes hardcover and trade paperback originals, mass market paperback originals and reprints
Pays 6-15% royalty on retail price. Makes outright purchase
Pays $2,000 and up advance
Needs: Romance

Firm/imprint publishes trade and mass market paperback originals, electronic originals
Pays 7.5% royalty/max on retail price
No advance offered
Needs: Romance

Publishes trade paperback, hardcover, e-book originals, book apps, and TREEbook™.
Offers advance.
Needs: Romance


Publishes trade paperback originals and electronic originals.
Authors receive a minimum of 20% royalty on print sales, 40% on electronic book sales.
Does not offer an advance
Needs: Erotica and Romance

Publishes mass market and trade paperback originals and reprints
Pays negotiable royalty
Pays negotiable advance
Needs: Erotica and Romance

Publishes trade paperback and hardcover books.
Royalties based on sales
No advance
Needs: Romance

(19) Parker Publishing
Pays Royalties
Pays an Advance

(20) Ravenous Romance
Pays an Advance

Pays advance.

Publishes hardcover and trade paperback originals and reprints
Pays 7 1/2-15% royalty on retail price.
Pays $750-5,000 advance
Needs: Romance

Publishes mass market paperback originals
Pays royalty
Pays advance.
Needs: Romance and Contemporary Romance

Publishes hardcover and trade paperback originals.
Pays 7-10% royalty.
Average advance: $100-15,000
Needs: Erotica

(25) Sourcebooks, Inc
Pays Royalties
Pays an Advance


Publishes hardcover and paperback originals.
Pays 15% royalty on wholesale price
Pays $250-$1,000 advance
Needs: Romance

(27) Tor/Forge Books
Pays Royalties
Pays an Advance

(28) Ulysses Press
Pays an Advance

54 Literary Agents Accepting Romance & Erotica Submissions

A List of 54 Literary Agents Looking For Romance & Erotica

If I want to be published the traditional route I know that I need to have a literary agent. So, I’ve compiled a list of 54 Literary Agents to learn more about.

Anyone that is looking to publish traditionally will need a Literary Agent.

There are some publishers who wont even look at a manuscript that is not represented by one.

* Remember that this list does not, in anyway, guarantee that these agents are on the up and up. Please check the following websites to be sure. *

To recap: If you are looking for a Literary Agent you must do the following:

  • Research all the agents that are looking for submissions in the genre you are writing
  • Check out their website, the authors they represent, along with their books to make sure they are a good fit for you
  • Next, check to see if those agents are on any scams lists or complaint boards.
  • Then, with the ones that have no negative records, go back to their website and read their submission guidelines.
  • Submit your work as requested and wait (patiently) to hear back.
  • If you want added insurance that your agent(s) of choice will look at your manuscript and really consider it then find out the agents social media accounts (if they have one) and follow them. An agent will give more consideration to a writer they know and have talked with beforehand.

Without further ado, here is my list of 54 Literary Agencies This list is geared more toward Romance and Erotic Writers, meaning the agencies are looking for either Romance, Erotica or both. Good Luck Everyone!

  1. 3 Seas Literary Agency
  2. Alive Communications Literary Agency
  3. Ashley Grayson Literary Agency
  4. The Bent Agency
  5. The Belfrey Literary Agency
  6. Book Cents Literary Agency
  7. BookEnds Literary Agency 
  8. Books and Such Literary Management
  9. Bradford Literary Agency
  10. Brown Literary Agency
  11. Brown and Miller Literary Associates
  12. Cornerstone Literary Agency
  13. Crichton & Associates Literary Agency
  14. Denise Marcil Literary Agency
  15. Elaine P. English Attorney and Literary Agent
  16. The Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency
  17. Farris Literary Agency
  18. Fine Print Literary Management
  20. Fox Literary
  21. Greyhaus Literary Agency
  22. Hartline Literary Agency
  23. Harvey Klinger INC
  24. Irenegoodman Literary Agency
  25. Jane Chelius Literary Agency
  26. Jennifer Jackson Literary Agent
  27. JET Literary Associates
  28. Judith Ehrlich Literary Management
  29. Kimberly Cameron & Associates
  30. The Knight Agency
  31. Larsen Pomada Literary Agents
  32. Levine Greenberg Rostan Literary Agency
  33. Linda Chester Literary Agency
  34. The Literary Group International
  35. Loretta Barrett Books Literary Agency
  36. Maria Carvainis Agency
  37. Marsal Lyon Literary Agency
  38. Mendal Media Group
  39. Nancy Yost Literary Agency
  40. Natasha Kern Literary Agency
  41. Nelson Literary Agency
  42. New Leaf Literary & Media
  43. Prospect Agency
  44. Richard Curtis Associates Inc
  45. The Rosenberg Group Literary Agency
  46. Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency
  47. The Seymour Agency
  48. Spectrum Literary Agency
  49. The Stringer Literary Agency
  50. Talbot Fortune Agency
  51. Trident Media Group
  52. Upstart Crow Literary
  53. Waxman Leavell Literary Agency
  54. Writers House


Is there a Literary Agent or Agency that you recommend but isn’t on this list?

Leave their name and agency in the comment section below

Curvy Heroines and The Women Who Read Them

Body Confidence

Hi I’m Darla, a passionate writer of curvy heroines that kick ass, live life to the fullest and love with every ounce of their being.

Why do I choose to write about curvy heroines?

Because I want to help other curvy women realize that they are beautiful, that they can kick ass and be loved completely, just the way they are. Oh and because I am also fat.

Whenever I describe myself online I always say that I’m fat.

Why? Because being fat is a big part of me (no pun intended).

I would love to say, “Fat isn’t who I am, it’s just the size of my body.” But that’s not true.

I’ve been fat my whole life (from baby to adulthood) and the fact that I shouldn’t be has been shoved into my face for as long as I can remember.

It came to a point where I had to decide to either let the comments and bullying take over my life or own up to the body that I had and learn to appreciate it….maybe even, dare i say,  love it.

Of course, I tried dieting because the message of “love your body as long as it’s a skinny body” is just too strong.

My well meaning but misguided loved ones would constantly voice their concerns for my health. Even though I have no health issues what so ever, I would let their concerns and comments eat away at my self esteem and I would inevitably end up on a diet.

Dieting is a vicious cycle that I’ve been a part of since middle school when my mother signed me up for Jenny Craig.

Yes, being fat can cause health problems. It can also cause more aches and pains because of the extra weight, but just being fat isn’t the real problem.

The real health risk of “obesity” is the negative thoughts that seep through our bodies daily, hourly, and in some cases every minute.

It’s a proven fact that positive thinking can help a person overcome their illness. When a sick person is overcome with negative thoughts their bodies shut down.

If we could just come together as a society and realize that all our bodies are different and there is no “picture of health” the obesity problem would decrease.

Everyone’s body processes and functions differently from one another. Yes we have guidelines that help us know if you are in a normal range or not but those are just guidelines. In other words, they are educated guesses of what size to weight ratio is healthiest.

If we could stop voicing concern over someone’s size, whether it be too fat or too skinny, we will stop the cycle of self doubt and low self esteem we inadvertently thrust onto people.

However, since we, as a society, are a long way away from this I, as a fat woman, have had to learn to ignore the comments and social messages that I should be ashamed of my body.

No, it’s not easy and yes I still catch myself hating my body from time to time. I read about a new magic diet and think that maybe I should try it. I still see skinnier women then I and feel a twinge of jealousy, wishing I could be a size that most of society accepts as good. Then i remember something important.

I am a woman. A damn fine woman.

I have a body that works gloriously and a man who adores it (yes, he really does). I have grown and birthed two healthy children from it and through my body I am able to do the things I love like swimming in the ocean, dancing to the beat of a drum, photographing the wonders around me and writing fun sexy uplifting stories of other women who wont let society tell them if they are worthy or not. 

I write these stories hoping that other curvy women who are doubting their worth and beauty will see that they too can find a way to drown out the negativity and embrace the positives about themselves.

Big is Beautiful. Skinny is Beautiful. In Between is Beautiful.

The only ugly thing about size is the negative thoughts surrounding it.

Throw out the negativity and embrace what you have!

Fattitude is a documentary created by Lindsey Averill and Viri Leiberman that exposes how popular culture fosters fat prejudice and then offers an alternative way of thinking.

If you like what these ladies are trying to accomplish check out their Kickstarter page: Fattitude: A Body Positive Documentary.

How To Be #1 in The Romance Book World

How To Be #1 in The Romance Book World

The #1 way to stay popular in the world of Romance Book World is to be talked about…often.

Most avid readers will have a few reviewers that they follow and trust for honest opinions on a book and great book suggestions.

Therefore, it’s safe to assume that the #1 way to stay on top of your niche is to:

  • find the reviewers that cover your genre
  • learn who is popular
  • follow them
  • Interact with them and their followers on a regular basis

As a bonus, you yourself, will find some great books to read by paying attention to their reviews, news, and discussions. Not to mention all the amazing deals and goodies you can win through their many contests and giveaways.

So, what are you waiting for?

Take the leap, find out who’s who in book reviews and start following them ASAP.

Below is a list of Romance Book Reviewers that I like and follow. If your genre is Romance then I suggest you follow them as well.

Don’t forget to tell them I sent you! :-)

  1. All About Romance
  2. Bodice Ripper Novels
  3. Cause Everyone Needs Romance
  4. Coffee Time Romance
  5. Dear Author
  6. Fiction Vixen
  7. Lady Muslin Myst’s Mysterious Hodgepodge
  8. Lady Smut
  9. My Little Book Blog
  10. Reviewing Romance 
  11. Romance in Books
  12. Romance Junkies
  13. RT Book Reviews
  14. SBooklover Reviews
  15. Scandalicious Book Reviews
  16. Smart Bitches Trashy Books
  17. Smexy Books
  18. Steel & Velvet
  19. The Romance Studio
  20. The WriteRomantics